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  1. i just watched your Broadcasting Tips video. I cant get ustream to work with my DV cameras.. even with WebcamMax with Windows XP Pro SP3... idk what's up with that.. it wont work with either of my computers. i looked at their help page, and it told me they are having problems with browsers just crashing (closing completely) with dv cameras. I tried using a Labtech Webcam Pro and a Samsung DV Media Pro Camcorder, that can serve as a webcam. Neither one worked. The browser just closes unexpectedly, with no errors. Well... let me know if you have any advice. Thanks! ZTecWiz http://www.ztecnet.net/
  2. Your videos are great! I just subscribed and took a few minutes to watch some of the videos. Good work!
  3. another way that i free up space is in the TEMP Folder. The temp folder is located in your harddrives "Documents and Settings" folder, under your username. This folder fills up usually when programs store information in this folder and dont remove it. It's really annoying, i even have a shortcut to it on my desktop.