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  1. If you don't have the hardware to support the OS then stay with XP. If you meet the recommended (NOT the minimum) then Vista will be good for you. I run Vista on my laptop and haven't had any problems whatsoever. I did wait until I could get 2gb RAM because anything less just won't work. Businesses will not switch over to Vista for quite awhile. Why? If it ain't broken, don't fix it. That is why. There really isn't any real reason to switch over to Vista, yet. Once Server 2008 gets implemented then a reasonable expectation to upgrade will be present. Until then, XP will reign over Vista.
  2. In my non-SP1 copy of Vista Business, the 3D Business and Gaming Graphics Performance is already tested, so it isn't a new feature. I am looking forward to using SP1, although my laptop is running swimmingly with Vista freshly installed. Could it make a good thing better?
  3. I had a hard time with Vista 64-bit when I first installed it on my X64 system. It took many blue screens and many hours trying to figure out what was happening. One day I decided to upgrade the BIOS and instantly it fixed most every problem I was having. No more blue screens, no more slowdowns. That and upgrading to 2gb RAM from the original 512mb I had helped tremendously. The only existing problem I had was the absence of a driver for my USB Network Device. I had to uninstall and go back to XP Pro. Once a driver for the device becomes available I will go back to Vista X64 (and SP1!).
  4. I beg to differ, and not trying to get into a Mac vs. Windows argument but older Macs will not run OSX. Upgrading one isn't even an option. New Operating Systems take advantage of newer hardware regardless if it is Apple, Microsoft, etc. A GUI does not an OS make.
  5. Nice forum, Jeff. I wouldn't have found it were it not for Chris. I wanted to see his live stream but got you instead. I am an IT Instructor teaching mostly A+, MCP, and MCSA. I have used Vista in the past but had to move back to XP due to incompatability with X64 and my wireless adapter which couldn't be resolved. A 32-bit Vista would do the trick, if I had it. I am working on my Vista certification, and a new fresh copy would do wonders. I look forward to perusing more at BestTechie.