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  1. I have the winner of that that sites shoot out Raxco Perfect disk8 also but for speed and pretty darn good defrag I stick with the Auslogic defrag.Once you have tried both you will see what I mean.
  2. Wow, I web site not bashing Vista yes I am one of the people that really like Vista ,so far since I have subscribed I have found several tips on how to customize Vista and I have commented on one of the post besides this one. I like helping others out with some of the problems that I have had and solved.I noticed a lot of Vista bashing since its release and if some would just remember that when Xp was released it had lots of problems and instability more then I have had with Vista.I will be visiting this site a lot more often.
  3. Also with the disk defrag from Auslogic you should try the register defrag software it works well with Vista also.