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    Embed Youtube Videos

    Alright, thank you Jeff. I want to embed the Chris in Dress video aswell. That will get some laughs. =P
  2. Tommadness

    Embed Youtube Videos

    I upload a video to my Youtube account, and get the embed link, I post it in the "Code" tab, save, and look at my post, but the video doesn't seem to be there? Is it just not allowed?
  3. Tommadness

    Order Of Arguments In Expressions

    I use variable operator integer. I believe this stems from my days of Algebra, where we HAD to write our answers like X=4.
  4. Tommadness

    Mirc Scripts

    Hey. I'm kinda new to mIRC (I was using ChatZilla addon to FireFox before, switched for the scripting function. =P) And I want to make a command that does "*Tomm dances with <random user>." I have it working, but, as you will see from my script below, I have to manually input the number of users. Is there a variable in mIRC which tells you the amount of users currently? My script: /randdance [b][color="red"]*Tomm dances with $nick(#,$r,$rand(0,300)) And yes, I've googled, and haven't come up with anything. ~Tomm
  5. Tommadness

    Windows Vista Ultimate Giveaway!

    Good idea, despite it's after Christmas. =P And I love this site. I especially enjoyed the "Jailbreak Your iPod Touch" video. I'm gonna jailbreak mine as soon as I get one. =P Oh, and buy a comb. Just saying. (Kidding!)