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  1. I forgot to post that we found a resolution. I don't recall exact what it was but I know it involved changing the IP address of this computer. IT fixed it while I was out of the office and in the field so I don't know exactly what they did.
  2. Oh... yeah. I've got adblock running. Completely forgot about that.
  3. I see the post for Google Bot but there's nothing in it. Just a blank post.
  4. Permissions have been checked, yes. What's odd is that I can ping anything anywhere else. Doing further investigation with the pathping command you suggested I've found a specific IP address that eats all the packets and it appears to be something on our local network. When the IT guy gets back from lunch I'm going to have him look at it and see what it is. Apparently he didn't look at the switch/hub like he said he did because this IP is the first hop after my computer which I can only logically assume is the switch/hub... but I could be wrong.
  5. Wow... thank you very much for that reply. =) I've printed it out to use as reference for a later date. Unfortunately none of it solved my problem. The pathping command showed this computer and then everything after it timed out. Same for all the other commands you suggested. I even changed the duplex settings to no avail. What we find strange is that I can ping anything else except this one specific IP yet everyone else on the network can ping it just fine... and we all use the same hub/switch. I checked driver version and it's all up to date. I checked the HCL you mentioned and it says this NIC card was designed specifically for WinXP. I'm just at a total loss here... I've never had a problem where I could ping anything in the world except one specific IP addy. I'm half tempted to ask IT for a new NIC card and see if that does anything... Is there possibly anything else that could cause this?
  6. Hello. We're have a strange problem with this company PC. In an office in another town a PC has been set up to work as a network drive using an IP address. Every computer in this office seems to be able to map the network drive and access the files properly... except for this one. When this PC attempts to 'ping' or 'tracert' the IP it immediately times out. When we attempt to map the drive (Or create a shortcut directly) it says that it 'cannot be found'. We've tried disabling firewalls, Anti-virus, spyware scanners and all sorts of things but no matter what we do it always times out from the start. We've set it up exactly as the others have been set up but still no go. Anyone have any idea of what might be blocking this computer from accessing said Network IP? For reference: Windows XP Pro SP2 Pent 4 2.26 GHz 1.00 GB RAM 3Com Etherlink XL 10/100 PCI NIC Thanks in advance for any help you might be able to offer. -Terry AKA Infektious
  7. Basically what it's saying is that the company that owns Ad-Aware pumps it up to be more than it actually is. I didn't read through the whole thing but I'm also getting the impression that maybe the program makes false claims about what it can/will find by using 'beefed up' reference files.
  8. You can also go to your bookmarks properties and define a keyword for it. For example... if you bookmark you can just ad a keyword of 'digg' and type that in the address bar. I've done this for almost all of my bookmarks. Slashdot is "/.", Best Techie is a simple 'BT'.
  9. Have you tried updating to the newest version of MSN? Or is it possible this started happening after you downloaded the latest version? I use Trillian and I have no problems with MSN connecting through that. Might be your client.
  10. Have you ran all the spyware scanners? Adaware SE, Spybot S&D... just to name a couple. Try a virus scan too.