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  1. hi team i need your help i want to try and create html links i started at techtv and some one sent me some tutors guides [pete i think] and i was going fine until techtv closeded down and i for got about it until now any one know any tutors links ime not sure if ive explained this properly thanks marty
  2. yes i agree it has decome to big for ordinary compt each time a new version comes something te has to be increased like hdd space it has become a notorious ram hog as each version comes out ive had to increase my ram three times now god knows what it will need next time several times i havent bin able to install some versions of ubuntu and i have found it is because i needed more ram so the next version ime reluctant to install because of this ram thing marty
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    Ausie Cops

    how would you like to be a cop on australia and get all these freebees as free as the wind
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    my he is clever his show has bin here but ididnt see it in person now ive seen the video i wished i had seen it marty
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    any one feel sorry for these poor destitute a----------s
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    hi every one thanks for your concerns ime on a heart recovery program not serious but nessecerry and i havent been emailing as much as i normally do in regards to the rejected emails i have lots of troubles with this vista you may recall i posted to see if outlook express was available for vista the tick in the box leave it on the server must be the default settings for vista as i didnt set it the help desk from my server walked me through the fix how ever it is good to post to the board these days i dont get here as much as i regard you as part of my family again thanks every one esspecialy bill marty
  8. ok team thanks looks as tho ime stuck with windows mail or maybe try thunderbird thanks again appreciated marty
  9. thanks team i appreciate your in put like TT ime anti mozzila but i have my reasons and weve argued who what why and when it was the best or worst OE is a better program than windows mail as for mozilla well many of you know my opinions on this browser ive grizzled about it for years so ive stuck to what suits me best thanks again marty
  10. bit late but ime wishing you a happy birthday have one for me marty
  11. have you tried this one has the same functions as firefox but twice as fast marty
  12. hi bearskin ive just installed avast on a compt for a friend with winme and it installed great marty
  13. is it possable to use outlook express in vista if so can it be downloaded and installed this bloody windows mail should be shoved up bill gates =======+++++ ive tried to find it in the search option ive been into the site but the options are for winxp any ideas thanks marty
  14. thanks bozodog ile send that on appreciated marty
  15. hi team i need advice a friends grandson has adapted to compts and he is very good for his age 5 year old i need to know what sort of programs for children he is way ahead of a five year old ive seen him with transformers and paint programs and he draws pic and images like a ten yer old so is there an option i can steer him to ime in the dark here so i need your advice thanks marty
  16. welcome to the forum pancake you beaudy where in ozz do you live marty
  17. these people dont pay tax with this money they hide it in swiss banks and now they have agreeed with the white house to disclose the all those banks accounts i feel if those bail outs hadent bin given to those recipients there would have bin a world wide depression my opinion it saved the world from global war which us the way to combat depressions didnt bush and cheney do this in iraq to prop up the failing american economy at that time i know that is why tony blare did for the uk and werent they on the same side but like it or not wars are the fixit upper of depressions americans should know that ,marty
  18. welcome back beluga you are lucky to be able to meet people who were my idols when i was a member of ttv many of those names bring back memorys including the user name beluga i was in love with all at techtv those days i thought compts were what you flew to the moon so hope you had a good time was becky worley there i still keep in touch with her good one jeff marty
  19. my condolences to his family i was a fan of his what ever waves he created as a citizen he was a humantirian politician and didnt get credit for it it was news worthy to bring up his past but he isnt the only politician to become newsworthy i can name two who sit on the other side of the fence god be with him marty
  20. when ever you see these $$$44 its a scam in this society nothing is for nothing and the net is a good way to scam and remain hidden marty
  21. if your politics is right wing then naturally your against kenedy if it is best for your county then it should go ahead not so long ago a vice president and president made there own rules and look how many people died and are still dying for 9 years the american public put up with it then they changed there minds and they are getting hell for trying to change the rules so no more people need to die americans moan and groan about nine eleven bit look how many were killed in vietnam-.cambodia iraq ect and many parts of the world i happen to be a fan of this ted kennedy the others were war mongers ted kennedy is popular outside of the usa and right now that is some thing americans could do with marty
  22. hey sultan you bin reading my email marty
  23. sorry preston and deaf girl i missed this greeting so ime here to wish you a happy belated birthday have a good one marty
  24. i started with dish from a company called sky but changed to cable from a package deal which included tv- cable- internet and- phone line dish was ok but sometimes the weather conditions distorted the pic marty
  25. thanks pete my that is a relief as long as we know he is with us marty