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  1. hi all i dont come here as often as ide liked today i came to greet every one a merry xmas but now i have an added bonus TK HAS POSTED and i class TK as i distant brother ok to you all and they are to numerous to mention by name a merry xmas and a bright new year and i will be posti9ng here as long as ime breathing ide like to sort out beluga [jeff] and say this is my home thank you your friend marty
  2. sorry for being late to reply thank you all who posted in on my b-day i had a good day with my friends and family especilly my grand children who i dont get to see often ive just read the names of the posters wonderfull people i hope i can reply to this greeting every year for the next you know how many again thank you marty
  3. as i havent bin in for some time i miss some of the postings in regards to members health take care TT and i hope you recover quickly it dosent ring a bell when it is some one anon but when its some one you know makes a difference get well TT we are here for you marty
  4. sorry JD i mean both BT end my browser i cant get either to open maximised is there a sercete to this it has only just started and ime stumped as to know why marty
  5. some how BT has gone back to miminise when i open it ive tried al sorts of fixes i googled it and some one said spread the page by pulling out the 4 corners but that dosent help is there no way round this ime using vista if that helps thanks marty
  6. hi team whenever i open besttechie it opens as minimise and i want it to open as maximise ive tried all sorts of solutions but once i restart iit is back the small window all my other applications open in maximise but besttechie any ideas marty
  7. hi jd i havent got bling on my sys do you feel it is a better option than google google has treated me great in the past but if you think bling is better ide like to try it were do i get it marty
  8. for me to use mse i would have to uninstall avast and mwb and ime not compt literate enough to get rid of something ive used for years with out geting virus or malware so i need to come to the board and watch the posts to see if how i can safe guard my compt from this stuff and until i got those trojons i have bin successfull so i hope the experience experts can help from time to time thanks marty
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    first virus

    who jd me or him yes i agree he needs some thing out that makes babys marty
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    first virus

    hi team look what i found from the bbc i dare say we have them here -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------0 you've ever had to spend a lot of money on antivirus software, you'd be forgiven for wanting to take Fred Cohen aside for, to put it politely, a few choice words. But although Mr Cohen is responsible for creating the first ever computer virus some 26 years ago, his pioneering research has in fact led the way in protecting computers from the threats that surfaced in the years to come. He told BBC World Service's Witness programme about the day he made the discovery while studying at the University of Southern California. After a neighbouring university created a Trojan horse - which allowed hackers to gain access to a machine - Mr Cohen realised that the Trojan could be programmed to duplicate itself. This is the proverbial lightbulb going off. "I was sitting there in the class and all of a sudden it dawned on me that if that Trojan horse copied itself into other programs, then all those programs would be infected, and then everybody that ran any of those programs would get infected and so forth. "It was at that point immediately obvious that it was game over." He discussed the idea with Len Adleman, another computer security expert at the university. "Fred approached me and said he had this new type of computer security threat, and he began to describe what we now call viruses," recalled Mr Adleman. "He wanted to run some actual experiments, in particular on the computer that I used. "There was no point in running an experiment, since it was so obvious that it was going to work." However, Mr Cohen insisted they make sure - and the first computer virus was born. "In that moment, I pretty much understood the bad news. "I spent the next five or six years of my life trying to find ways to protect against it and understanding the limits of what could ever be done." Ethical dilemma Armed with their new discovery, the pair faced a problem. It had the potential to have a massive negative impact on the computing world. As academics, did they have an obligation to share their findings or should the vulnerability be kept secret? They decided to publish the paper. "If we told people about computer viruses, they could potentially protect themselves," said Mr Adleman. "It was also at least my impression that computer viruses were inevitable, and were going to arrive whether Fred published or not. WITNESS Witness is a new daily programme from the BBC World Service bringing you back to the events that changed our world, told by the people who were there It is broadcast every day at 0050GMT and 0850GMT It is also available as a podcast "In the end we decided to publish, but to not make the code that Fred put in his paper so explicit that an amateur could take it and produce computer viruses." Mr Cohen agreed. "This was going to happen one way or another. The real question was is it going to happen after somebody's done the research, and figured out what to do about it, or is it going to happen before the research is done - and then we're really in trouble." Mr Cohen no longer researches viruses. Indeed, he believes that genuine research into possible threats has not happened for quite some time. "As far as I can tell, somewhere around the late eighties or early nineties was the end of the real research related to computer viruses. "There are businesses that want to make sure they keep making money by having cures that fix the last one, but not the next one."
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    hi joe here we found the problem of carbon levees if you produce a certain amount of carbon you have to pay for that extra ime not sure how this equates to developing countrys they dont have the money so they keep on poluting many big countrys are the biggest poluters china - usa- some parts of europe can pay and still polute so i feel that isnt the answer here bizness round table is bitterly opposed to to the notion of global warming i was at a meeting several weeks ago and the biz section was lambasting all those who believe in global warming when it was ,my turn to speak i made it short and quick if i die of polution so will those who oppose it there wont be any distincion between the you who have it all and us who have none we will all be in that boat you want to build i must mention the miagrents from those islands under water they hate the western powers but what can they do nothing they have become skeptics from the other side of the fence what to do some one drop the bomb and start again at least that will be quick marty
  12. have a good one my friend may you have many more marty
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    I wish one would wash up around here. It might cool things off for awhile. All kidding aside, that sounds pretty serious! hi joe inside of ten years these things are becomming more frequent we here in nz attribute it to global warming in the pacific you cant talk people out of this conception onces it was fifty fifty for and against now you cant convince a kiwi other wise one other year one of these bergs floated past the south island visable to any one near the coast at the time the super bowl was on in the usa and some wit asked if we could sell the berg to the americans so they could build a super drome and get the rewards from tourism i know many americans do not believe in global warming my answer is come live in one of the south pacific islands some alread under water and many doomed the ones at sea level viti laevu has gone under and the population has bin repatriated to australia and nz i believe the natives have bin there for thousands of years tho skeptics have a right ot there opinions like we all have the only non believers in nz are big off shore biz but ile have a chance to see this monster later in 2-3 weeks once videos are available ile post them in this is twice as big as the last one marty
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    hi team take a read of this article when videos are available ile post them
  15. hi all who posted thanks for your input many people in my catergory will get caught with this compatable thing on scanners until i installed mse i had no problems with the other scanners in this case it was turning the scanners off that caused the trouble as as proof once i uninstalled mse ive had no problems i dare say many of you with more know how than me will be abl;e to get round it but there are millions of us in the same boat how ever your posts have made me more aware i paniced because i have never exoerienced this problem before so again thanks marty
  16. i had a feeling some thing was wrong as when i tried to open IE it hung several times for about a minute and that is unusal for my compt after several trys i scanned with all my scanners that was operating the microsoft scanners found nothing defender.mse nor mrt once i scanned with malwarebytes it found these 4 trojons i have to say i paniced as i havent had a trojon before but the malwarebytes instructions helped as i quarentined them then deleted later no other scanner found these trojons ime only a new user of malwarebytes but after this it will be a regular in the past defender and mrt havent been a problem until i installed this mse even avast was compatable with defender and mrt had it not been for malwarebytes i would have bin in the pooh i feel it is the third party contract companys were the trouble is is it a rule in the usa were companys like microsoft have to include third party contract when they bring out a new product hey a friend just rang me he has had the same trouble i feel better now as i though i was just whinging it is ok for all the experts but what about us mugs marty
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    A woman is standing nude looking in the bedroom mirror. She is not happy with what she sees and says to her husband, 'I feel horrible; I look old, fat and ugly. I really need you to pay me a compliment.' The husband replies, 'Your eyesight's damn near perfect!' He never knew what HIT him !
  18. no ime sure it wasent the trojons when i booted my compt all the scanner were red this has happened throug out several weeks and i had to go and active vate them i guarentee it was that up date ive since uninstalled it and my scanners are back to normal in particular the automatic updating which wasent happening before as i used to have to up date manually when i installed the program it found malwarebytes and avast as not essential programs and remimded me to take them off my sys but ive used these programs for a long time and ive never ever had to worry bout malware for me they can jam it right up there gungas i thought microsoft would have learned by now people are becoming compt aware and they can keep sending shit to us marty
  19. hi team has any one installed microsofy security essentials from windows updates well i did and it turned off all other scanners and as a result i got a trojon accessing a science program when i started my compt all scanners had to be turned on i turned on malwarebytes and scanned with it it found 4 trojans the mse even turned of avast jeez what the hells wrong with microsoft that b--- dosent make them any friends if it had of bin xp instead of vista this would not have happened geez ime bloody angry ive alwayes bin security aware but this is the last straw marty
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    yo hitest sorry to hear bout your daughter ive only just read the thread here in nz the swine flue is off the serious list and i didnt realise it was still around the usa until i saw on tv the medical usa has warned about taking precaution gee i hope your daughter is ok ime sure she will be funny thing about the flue there were only 89 deaths here but they were all under 25yrs through other complications which indicates they hadent built up anti bodies like the elderly if i remember only three elderly died or got it bad the medical association nz said young people have attendency to resist it bad if they dont have other health problems so your daughter will be ok i will be praying for her tell her good luck from down under and hurry and get better marty
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    storm ida

    to add to my previous post here is another pic bill lives in the area of the green dot hope he will be safe marty
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    storm ida

    hi team any one live in the path of this storm going across the southern tip of america and the northen pacific hope you are safe i think bill mallensen lives in baker florida on my tv this seems the area it is crossing so i hope bill is ok and any one else in the area take care good luck marty
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    new format

    hi team the site has certainly changed since i was here last ime just trying to get used to the new format and look for areas i was used to ime sure it is for the better but change is hard for us old fellas when you get used to things prior to the change i could go round the site with my eyes closed so jeff is keeping us on our toes and tho some of us grizzle and groan ime sure the change was for a good purpose so good luck jeff ile always come here for help spot ya marty
  24. have one for me sorry thought you were eighty marty