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    Greetings from Northern Canada

    hi team a bit late but better than never merry xmas and a happy new year next year ile try and catch you early marty
  2. http://i54.tinypic.com/24kxlyu.jpg[/i
  3. martymas

    flatbed scanner

    yes pete i agree with your post ive confined it to the winxppro machine i tried to do away with the compatability sys when i loaded win 7 i didnt checked the boxes but it made no difference it is there so ime stuck with it marty
  4. martymas


    got a pretty big one to day i think it was 6.1 my house was like a drunken sailor tho ime better of than some brick chimneys and brick walls were the worst hit i think that is the end of brick houses in nz we have had one every day for weeks some very small and some just able to feel it god knows how long it will go on i might have to shift to baker -florida spot ya
  5. martymas

    Windows 7 Wont Start

    does restarts indicate hard ware problems
  6. martymas

    win me

    hi team thanks for the advice i havent bin here for sometime and havent bin able to work on the machine yes ive deciced to change the sys the unit is to small for xp or win7 and with only 512 mg of ram not many linux sys will load on to one this small at this stage i dont want to go any bigger as they are learners but once we getem going we can think of some thing else so if any one can recommend a linux sys that fits 512 ram and if so where do i get it from thanks marty
  7. martymas

    win me

    hi team ive just put together a childs compt ans have installed win me cna any one recomend a virus scanner for win me ive tried avast .avg.alvira you name it but each one says up grade your sys first to those children to up grade woudl be a bit costly for them so for the time beeing could any one recomend a anti virus for win me up grade later thanks marty
  8. martymas

    Windows 7 Wont Start

    hi marty here this is an old trick have you set the bios to first read from the hdd good luck marty
  9. martymas


    hi marsh my old friend great hearing from you i havent bin here for some time on the night of the big one every thing started to rock and roll tv shelves cabinets gues what i i stood by the compt in case but nothing fell to the floor ile be here to catch up with you every now and then i have many friends here i regard as family take care marty
  10. martymas

    to peaches

    hi peaches thanks for the clamwin link it is just the right size for winme ive already scanned the whole sys with good results thanks again marty
  11. martymas

    win me

    thanks peaches i had a look at clamwin earlier but i thought it was for linux sys"s ile try it thanks again does win me have a firewall or do i have to find one thanks marty
  12. martymas

    Reality check

    hi joe sorry for being behind the the news but i hope your wife recovers gee you never know when it is your turn havent bin in for some time so ime catching up god bless you and family and take care marty
  13. martymas

    Anyone hear from Marty?

    hi here is an indepth look at the quake on news and video i see the xperts have likened it to the haiti shake where thousands were killed we didnt lose a life here and i feel new zealanders are quake savvy and keep strictly to the rule we are taught there were lots of damage while im on the structural damagea houses built from ninetys on were the ones damaged and thing any built back in 80-70"s were not touched dosent that tell people of the building standards from then until now my home was built in the 80"s and other my wet pants no damage however here is an indepth news and video on the event forgot to mention that news and video was sent to me by bill mallanson bless him marty http://cosmiclog.msnbc.msn.com/_news/2010/09/03/5041063-why-the-nz-quake-is-no-haiti
  14. martymas

    Anyone hear from Marty?

    hi keith yea i came on the board and saw bakers message yes things have settled down tho we are still getting after shock quick but huge only for seconds this city has a huge damage bill to pay for where i live it shook stuff of the shelves but nothing else tho the bugger was huge my housr swayed at least 7-8 inches at first i thought i was getting adizzy spell thanks for all concerned owe yas one marty
  15. martymas

    7.0 Earthquake Hits New Zealand Near Christchurch

    yo hitest yes lets say i may have peed my pants where i was born earthquakes are common but small this bugger wa 5 times as strong and worse was the after shocks a friend and i toured over the affected area all bridges in the area once an emmergency was raised were closed off to the public strangly enough there were some who tried to flaunt the rules but the army were on hand to stopped any one from getting hurt every year we have earthquake drill were we have do what is safe ffor us like when the quake started i made for the door and stayed on my lawn until i though ti was safe those after shakes are the frightening thing so i stayed close to my door it was bloody clod as we are comming off winter some residence went for tents and the sadining part there were children ok other parts of the world have it worse then us but when it happens to you you pee your pants sorry for wandering off but i needed to get it off my chest now i feel better marty
  16. martymas

    7.0 Earthquake Hits New Zealand Near Christchurch

    hi baker yes it was a bit scary the city i lve in is not known for shakes but this one was huge by our standardsmillions of dollars worth of damage thank god no deaths and the injury list is light for the magnatude of the shake i haven bin here for some time but when ime able i come for a chat you take care and good luck marty
  17. martymas

    Howdy to all

    hi snooker welcome marty
  18. martymas

    Happy Birthday TymeKyller

    have a happy day TK marty
  19. martymas

    Happy Birthday, TheTerrorist_75

    i need to send many birthday greatings to friends so i havent time to catch up happY birthatday TT marty
  20. martymas

    Happy Birthday, Jeff!

    hi jeff happy birth day havent bin here a while but when i see the familiar users names i feel at home ge jeff 21 [ it is seven years when i first contacted you then it was baluga] lucky bugger you enjoy the day and take care to me you are a special friend dont get tipsy and have a good one marty
  21. martymas

    net connections

    hi team ive just burned ubuntu 10.4 to a disk and it went on great the instaltion had no trouble i got every thing installed [my first burn] but buggered if i can get it on line ime on cable and ive contacted the isp for the cable configurations the signal on the tool bar says my connection is active but i cant get a web page up up until 9.10 i was able to get all ubuntus on line but 9.10 and 10.4 no go I can get 8.10 online but that isnt any use as i cant up grade tp 9.10 nor 10.4 any help marty
  22. martymas

    back on line

    glad to be back ive just come from g4 and some one named beluga was posting thats how i got this link i havent heard the name BELUGA SINCE A THIRTEEN YEAR OLD POSTED ON TECHTV COMMING AT YA JEFF IT IS THE FIRSTTIME IDE BIN TO G4 FOR A VERY LONG TIME and i met many old friends so avery now and then ile pop in and zay hi marty
  23. martymas

    Mandy and My New Apartment

    very nice jeff when i come to the usa[ joking] any chance of a place to stay i live in a two bedroom house by my self now but it is no where near as nice as yours good luck to you and mandy remember if you want some housecleaning tips ask me marty
  24. i agree with pete and TT i got burned once at techtv even after pete and chappy warned me but i went ahead and trashed my sys so ive learned my lesson i havent used a registry cleaner since marty
  25. martymas

    Happy Birthday to marsh_0x

    my time has gone quick Happy Birthday marsh and i hope there are many more for you have one for me marty