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  1. hi TT yes there are many aftershocks at least two or every 2-3 hrs it is the first time in all my years ive had to sleep with the passage light and the front door unlocked in our drill we get out as fast as wee can tho the after xhocks have bin small it is enough to keep you awake ive gotten used to them now and carry on life as before but many thousands have left the city ive just recently came home from a holiday in australia and would i have loved to shift there 2 words YOU BET BUT MY FAMILY ARE HERE AND I NEED TO BE NEXT TO THEM thanks for your help as it seems when i post for a fix you are an invaluable poster and ime glad marty
  2. thanks TT that is the secod time my compt has crashed the pretch article is quite interesting and to delete isnt as important as it is cracked up to be it is there for a purpose i was taught to delete them ewvery now and then \but in jc"s article it is better to let the sys take ite natural course this time layout didnt come when i installed windows as it was i changed my hdd to a bigger drive but layout is there now my compt is quite fast on cable connection i wasent looking for speed i though prefetch was part of the cleaning any how thanks ime going to install it on a flash drive marty
  3. yes sorry bout that TT my mind isnt functionning well at the moment ile load it on to a pen drive again thanks
  4. hi team through my compt crashing in recent earth quake afterquake my conpt is a right off ive managed tp scrounge a few parts and have rebuilt it i have bin using a friends compt who isnt very well q in prefetch ive lost lay out previously TT sent me the link but that went with the damage JC HAD A FIX FOR IT any ideas marty
  5. thanks TT very much appreciated at first the task schedulaer was dis abled but ive got it going and the lay out file is back in place ver so gratefull owe ya one marty
  6. hi team ive accidently deleted the layout.ini inprefetch can this be recovered or does it matter if not how do i get it back thanks marty
  7. hi team i want to mention the quake in japan my sympathy goes to all those people who are affected and if there is any japanese posters n the board ide like to say i know what you are going through for the size of the quake the loss of life was small thank goodness compared with the size of the population the japanese peo-le have to live with quakes so they are better prepared than most othere countrys tho if only one is killed that is a tragic give a thought to those who lost lives marty
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    http://i52.tinypic.com/2yl9t8p.jpg[/i take a look at this the camera at the right time
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    quake pics

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    here is the latest up date http://home.nzcity.co.nz/news/article.aspx?id=127397&fm=psp,tst
  12. Are the stores open yet or are you supposed to redeem them at some sort of relief center? yes some stores are open much is free and if you get a voucher from the earthqake comm it is free i see all peole on a old age benifit who have ahd some sort of damage like comt and tv crashed and shelved and spilloed every thing to the floor i can claim $500 i would prefer it go to some one who needs food and shelter for the children but that is the earthquakes commissionjs policy i have very goos neibors as my water ins on yet many have bought me bottles and plastic bags of water this makes me very humble there are still godd people out there this morning a lady bought me muffins and ive never seen her before must be away but keep in touch every one spot ya later
  13. hi joe ye i wondered were you were my email is [email protected] or xytp-whero.2clear.net.nz keep in touch have a good one marty [weve had some pretty good after shocks] 5.1- 4.8- 3.6-
  14. hi test we have help from all over the world -europe -usa- ozzy japan-singapore-you name it they have these relief centers all over the city yes i agree they are well organised but nz is on a fault line so councils and govs are aware of the need in emergency i went to a relief center this morning and got a npther voucher for water and food as ime an old bugger i have an old buggers identity card it was a peice of cake i need to mention a lady two doors from has bin cooking all through this crisis and dilevering it to local house hold hows that for kind ness its times like this tht bring the good out in people there has bin some arsoles called looters and the local public want to hangem most have bin arrested i must be away as my water isnt turned on yet so i have to go to a local tap ile spot ya later marty
  15. ok i got a food voucher organised for $250 plus a petrol voucher tho i dont drive my friend drove me there so the 4o galls will go to him at first the organised relief was abit lax but now every thing in full swing and weel organised the center i went was the nz red cross and i must give them a plug they are a fantastic team as a diabetic the food i need it different and more costly but it is some thing tho i have plenty of money my bank is closed for repairs as all banks here are so the voucher comes in handy if any one is assocciated with a red cross in your area say a kind word for them from nz for me marty
  16. ok team every thing is reorginised now i got a food voucher for $250 as well as petrol voucher i dont drive now but a freind drove me there the voucher went to him as ive never bludged before i was a green horn but my friend knew how to manipulate the sys bloody embarrassing for me how ever i have the voucher so ile spend up large in petes email he said we need to ber prepared exampl cooking facility s ect so tomorrow ile but a gas cooker i may never need it but you never know other things he mentioned which ile investigate thanks pete for you help appreciated catch up with you lot later marty
  17. thanks hitest every time i get into strife i come here and grizzle hoping for sympathy which i know i can get things are improving power is on i still am shitting in the garden no water yet and my phone is back on ineed water as ime on frusemide i get to much fluid in my body and it swells me up like a water baloon ok ive had my grizzle again thank marty
  18. hi tt you be carefull with that diabetes so far i haven had to use the dialyses but ime on pills and i have a needle if my levels go to high you take care and keep me in touch ime praying for you regards marty
  19. hi TT my email address has bin changed use this towzee (at) clear (dot) net (dot) nz your emails would be welcome marty
  20. thank you bozo for me to get back to BT and korero [talk] to to my freinds is a great feeling sure i dont get were as much as i used to and to be truthful i realy miss it twice now quakes has brought me here and i feel it is the assurence i can get from a long line of friends when i feel down and lonely thanks all this has made my day marty
  21. hi team ive just managed to get my compt on line yes it was pretty devastating more so with the deaths and worse still i knew some one who is missing this quake was 3-4 times bigger than the sep one my house had no damage structurely but any thing a foot from the floor crashed some one quoted 6.3 bullshit if they lived in my house they would know different ishould say somwhere about 8.5 the deaths and the devistation will proove that i saw a statistic on after shocks has bin a thousand since the big one some you couldnt feel and others had me running for the door one ot the worse factors no water no toilets no power and no road access and you can imagine all that made me wished i was living on the moon as i only bin able to get my tv going that i can catch up my self as the news comes a cross ile keep you in touch thanks for your concern in the first quake i near shit my self this time i hit the jackpot love ya all marty ps: if any one in this thread would like to keep in email contact with me ide love that, it isnt very often i get a chance tomake contact yes i realise there a dangers and inconviences i used to have keiths email but over time i lost it i keep in contact with bill mallenson and we talk about our country and different cultures and of course our selves and family and besttechie ---------------------------------------------- other wise ile come here and talk to youal take care all have a good one from a friend marty
  22. hi team a bit late but better than never merry xmas and a happy new year next year ile try and catch you early marty
  23. http://i54.tinypic.com/24kxlyu.jpg[/i
  24. yes pete i agree with your post ive confined it to the winxppro machine i tried to do away with the compatability sys when i loaded win 7 i didnt checked the boxes but it made no difference it is there so ime stuck with it marty