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  1. me to these people are from boards that looked after each other so thanks marty
  2. hi team if this hasent been posted before .be careful out there not sure if thei is the right place to post this marty To read an HTML version of this newsletter, go to: http://www.trendmicro.com/en/security/report/overview.htm Issue Preview: 1. Trend Micro Updates - Pattern File & Scan Engine Updates 2. Proof-of-Concept Virus – W64_SHRUGGLE.A (Low Risk) 3. Top 10 Most Prevalent Global Malware 4. OfficeScan Corporate Edition 6.5 – New Demo Available NOTE: Long URLs may break into two lines in some mail readers. Should this occur, please copy and paste the URL into your browser window. ************************************************************************ 1. Trend Micro Updates - Pattern File & Scan Engine Updates ------------------------------------------------------------------------ PATTERN FILE: 2.162.00 http://www.trendmicro.com/download/pattern.asp SCAN ENGINE: 7.100 http://www.trendmicro.com/download/engine.asp 2. Proof-of-Concept Virus – W64_SHRUGGLE.A (Low Risk) ------------------------------------------------------------------------ W64_SHRUGGLE.A is the second malware discovered that infects 64-bit Windows Portable Executable (PE) files. The first such virus, W64_RUGRAT.A, and this virus are believed to be created by the same author, who calls himself roy g biv. While W64_RUGRAT.A infected 64-bit files running on IA64 (Intel Itanium) processors, this virus is intended to infect PE files running on AMD 64-bit systems. Both of these 64-bit viruses are considered proof-of-concept viruses, meaning the author is probably trying to prove that new systems are susceptible to virus attacks. W64_SHRUGGLE.A is currently spreading in-the-wild, and infecting Windows 64-bit systems. Upon execution , this virus searches for target files in the current folder and subfolders. It then infects every 64-bit file (AMD64 only) that it finds. It then passes this file through some filtering criteria, appends its code to the last section of the host file, and then modifies the section as executable. Garbage data may be appended at the end of the virus code to further avoid detection. This virus does not infect 32-bit files and does not run in 32-bit processors without software to support AMD64-bit programs. All infected files contain the following signature string: "Shrug - roy g biv" If you would like to scan your computer for W64_SHRUGGLE.A or thousands of other worms, viruses, Trojans and malicious code, visit HouseCall, Trend Micro's free, online virus scanner at: http://housecall.trendmicro.com/ W64_SHRUGGLE.A is detected and cleaned by Trend Micro pattern file 2.163.06 and above. For additional information about WORM_RATOS.A please visit: http://www.trendmicro.com/vinfo/virusencyc...e=W64SHRUGGLE.A 3. Top 10 Most Prevalent Global Malware (from August 20, 2004 to August 26, 2004) ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1. WORM_SASSER.B 2. PE_ZAFI.B 3. WORM_NETSKY.P 4. HTML_NETSKY.P 5. WORM_NETSKY.D 6. JAVA_BYTEVER.A 7. WORM_RATOS.A 8. TROJ_AGENT.EG 9. TROJ_AGENT.AE 10. WORM_NETSKY.Q 4. OfficeScan Corporate Edition 6.5 - New Demo Available ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Trend Micro™ OfficeScan™ Corporate Edition is an integrated enterprise client security solution designed to protect against the daily threats of file-based and network viruses as well as secure access from intruders, spyware, and other threats. Security policy is enforced with Cisco network access devices that support Network Admission Control (NAC), or through Network VirusWall.
  3. hi B i bought the ultimate bootdisk and im not sure if it is the ultimate or not here where i live it cost $12. so im on a learning curve on how to use the thing. i bought it because i wanted to use a boot for things other than windows and i refer to mandrake or linux.but in the menu i see there is also boots for dos win9x mac ect i havent been through the menu yet.but i could do with a few pointers. marty
  4. hi how do i delete the nfts partition to put a fts which is on win98se. im tried it before and when i got to the bit that says setup a notice came up saying this cant be setup in dos.and i was told that is because im changing back from nfts to fts. and that the drive needs to be wiped to clear it from nfts. and reset it to fts. im new at this if it was from 98se to xp i can handle that but from xp to 98se is another ball game marty
  5. try pete _c when we were at c.f.h he sent me a tutorial.on different dos stages thi havent used it since we changed boards.dos is pretty facinting. i remember pete said if you can learn dos.properly.you can master any compt marty
  6. hi team i just scanned my d: with house call and avg and both scanners detect a i kill the c-mos trojon my son sent the the cd which had wipe the drive. and i can tremember the other .i ant to istall win98se on a sys that has used winxp and i need to change from nfts to fat and the only way is to wipe the data off the drive. now these scanners are seeing these wipe appli as a virus.my son said they arnt viruses but that is the way the scanners sees them i cant delete them because i cant delelte them from a cd.or can i can some one help marty
  7. hi il_wiccan well it is good to be here looks like B has done his home work. i like the way this board is layed out.besides i know half of the posters . i was on the world start board yesterday and sharber or sharon pmed me asking about this board.i sent her a link so she can look for herself. she said she belongs to 3 other boards. hope fully she will join here take care marty
  8. hi team im still feeling my way round the board .so if i make a mistake please bare with me.but im.getting there.ive only been on 5 minutes and made 2 mistakes.so i have a few things to learn thanks marty
  9. hi team it has taken me some time to get here i made a few mistakes but im here now and really glad.ive waited weeks to be here and.i like the layout of the board .and i like the way the forum is run . ile spend a lot of my time here mainly because i know most of the posters . i belong to 2 other boards but have never felt comfy i either of them how ever thanks B and i will try ad help as much as i can take care out there . marty