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    being with my husband. poker. golf. fishing. hanging out with my parents. friends. taking pictures. cleaning. relaxing
  1. sadony

    A Montague Mystic!

    Yes it is still entact. I haven't been out their since right after the auction because it wasn't ours anymore. The people that bought it were going to remodle the inside for a summer house. or for there house, i can't remember which. once in a while i like to google sadony or joseph sadony to see what new stuff there is and i haven't had a computer in a while so this was the first i've done it in a year or so. yes i'm from montague I'm a former sadony, married now. he was my great grandpa
  2. sadony

    A Montague Mystic!

    it is very dissapointing that you say that. The lab was not sold because his granddaughter wanted a summer house. the lab was sold because of how expensive it was to keep it up. how expensive the taxes were on a lakefront mansion. kind of hard to turn it into a museum when no one has the time or the funds to do so. without putting strangers into the house. and as for the lab only being partly accessable. that was because there was very very very high amounts of asbestos found in the back and to keep it from being a health hazzard we blocked it off. as for the upstairs being blocked off. no one needed to be up there because nothing was for sale up there and it was an auction not an open house.