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  1. MajorDeath

    My Work

    Lol, want me to make one for you? Get me a render and some design specification's and I will make one.
  2. MajorDeath

    How Do You...

    Its Advent. Its not the ISP making the lag because we play on other PC's using the same network. Thanks for the help guys.
  3. MajorDeath

    How Do You...

    We have lowered the quality settings down to all on low but it still doesn't work... Ok here are the specs. Windows Vista Home Premium Genuine IntelĀ® CPU tr080 @1.73 ghz 0.99 gb ram Mobile intelĀ® 945Gm/GU Express Chipset Family minimum graphics memory 8mb maximum graphics mempory 251mb
  4. MajorDeath

    How Do You...

    My Dad recently purchased a Laptop with Windows Vista Premium. He is currently using this Laptop to play World Of Warcraft and would like to know how to increase the Graphics power on his laptop as the game does not display well (Lots of Lag). I would like to know if it is possible to increase the graphics power. And If so how? He has turned off Aero and all the special effects but to no avail. Please if you can help do. Thanks in advance. ~MajorDeath
  5. MajorDeath

    Here Comes Leopard

    I cannot wait! It seems that Apple keep getting better and better! I will be buying a MacBook pro with Leopard when it comes out. Cannot wait!
  6. MajorDeath

    Wubi Installer

    Nice one Jeff! (You don't mind me calling you that do you?) I will get this!
  7. Hey, I thought that SMF worked with windows? I have my own website and we have a SMF board the server is Linux but before I had a website, I think the server was Win 32 and SMF worked... Might be different versions? Or I might just be mistaken but either way nice tutorial.
  8. MajorDeath

    Live Show!

    Hey Jeff, didn't realise you had your own show Thought you just filled in for Chris every now and again. Well thanks for all the help on the stream today, really appreciated.
  9. MajorDeath


    What Wireless Program are you using? I belive there are programs on the net to set things to default. Check in the options there might be a Option. I am not sure unless I know what Program you are using.
  10. MajorDeath

    My Work

    Here are some of my Forum signatures starting with oldest to newest. There not that good. The Assasin one I think is the best at the moment. Well, CnC please?
  11. MajorDeath

    Photoshop Text

    Grab the Font file. Go to Control Panel > Fonts > Paste the fonts in there, then they should auto install. From there you select your font like normal.