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  1. We lost one of our own (TheTerrorist_75)

    Rest in peace TT_75(whiskeyman) , I knew him from the techtv, here, g4 ad causehead boards  , he was always helpful 
  2. Happy 10th Anniversary BestTechie forums

    I forgot to post here on my 10th   Member Since 12 Nov 2004
  3. Spam

    Those spammers make multiple accounts . At g4 forums me and  some of the moderators watch for new accounts and if they came from India or China we would pre ban them before they got a chance to spam 
  4. And a Happy 10th to those who joined the first fay 
  5. Spam posters

    Most of them at g4 came from India and China 
  6. Where are you ?

    WOOOOT 10 year anniversary tomorrow  ,  so who is going to start the party thread ?   I hope we have lots of people on then 
  7. Spam posters

    I would like to volunteer to be a spam remover  , I was a moderator at the G4 forums and banned  my fair share of spam  I am on most of the time and check here regularly .
  8. I would upgrade to at least vista   or 7 , Im sure you can find a cheap disk since 8 is out . But if you want to stick with XP  you might find a package download for all updates but start with the service packs first  I found this program while searching  http://www.majorgeeks.com/files/details/xp_update_extender.html  but use this with caution 
  9. Where are you ?

    In about 5 months is besttechies 10th anniversary , hopefully there will be a great reunion for it 
  10. Where are you ?

    I occasionally come here and  check on things but BT  looks dead , I would definitely post more if others did  Because of facebook and twitter the overall forum members has been falling unless its a niche one 
  11. New computer yesterday !

    Hey flash , congrats in the new puter , you should put linux on there to 
  12. Petition to deport Bieber

    There is another petition that reached 100k so the WH has to respond to it 
  13. Turkey Day

    Happy Thanksgiving BTers 
  14. Mr. President

    Have a Happy Birthday El Jeffe   
  15. B Day

    according to his profile he has not logged in since the end of 2009 http://www.besttechie.com/forums/user/140-tymekyller/   but if you do log in Happy Birthday