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  1. http://rainbow.arch.scriptmania.com/scripts/ One residence of such scripts...
  2. Qt docs and tutorials (4.2) http://doc.trolltech.com/4.2/index.html I still occasionally lurk around here, and it is good to see some familiar "faces"...
  3. I am not from Bulgaria - better half is..... From AK here....:
  4. Added better half.....
  5. icdsoft is what I would recommend, due to their support, suresupport.com. But of course I am partial due to the location of the support.
  6. Yes, I have been to Hawaii....... No contest. Best tasting fish: 1. Codfish(fresh) 2. Sockeye(Red) Salmon 3. Halibut
  7. Most beautiful states: 1. Alaska 2. Wyoming 3. Colorado
  8. Granted, but your dinner consists of brocolli and aspargus..... I wish gas prices would go down now.
  9. Granted, but it has been melted for 11 days now....... I wish customs/border agents would lighten up...
  10. What is your favourite Geico ad?? Mine is the judge that gets distracted by his "savings" by switching to Geico...
  11. Granted, but the pizza is vegetarian..... I wish I were 18 again.....
  12. Hmmmm......you cheated.... The pic I posted is an actual radio recovered from my Grandparent's house. The shot is taken from the back of it. Of interest to note is that it needed a large (12 volt, I believe, but am not positive) battery to work properly.......
  13. Right....a radio purchased in 1940 from Sears & Roebuck... Sorry about the poor quality pic, but I couldn't resist posting this to see what you guys came up with. I guess this one was too easy.
  14. Just an interesting piece of equipment from "back in the day"...... Post if you know what it is from and how old it is.