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  1. Hey bubba I've had alot of problems myself. I've found that since about ver 1.0, FF LOVES to crash, especially if you have alot of extensions. I just recently uninstalled and reinstalled, and took it easy on the extensions, only using Mozilla approved ones, and it works ok. Still crashes if I leave it open over night, depending on the site that I am on. Keep in mind, when you uninstall, you should wipe out ALL traces. Save your bookmarks I deleted the profile, and EVERY reg entry that had to do with FF Those who have no problems with FF are not power users Argue amongst yourselves..
  2. I may have to finally switch to Opera. I always wanted to control my cookies better (maybe FF has an extension for that) Besides, I have been getting more and more disapointed with FireFox over the past year or so In reference to the original subject, I remember using a program called "Spider" or "Spider Bite" several years ago that deleted the contents of the index.dat files
  3. Go to Start > Run Type %temp% That will open the folder Ctrl+ a selects all files Hit the delete key Hit Enter at the prompt If and when you get a prompt that it cannot delete a file in use, it will be the first file listed in the folder Hold down Ctrl and click on the file to un-highlight it Hit delete key Hit enter at the prompt Lather, rinse repeat The time it took to type all of the above out, this process could've been performed on 10 computers Don't forget to empty your Temporary Internet Files also. This can use up alot of space, and all of the porn you have been surfing shows up in there
  4. I knew it from basically reading the title of your thread, and I can't believe it wasn't suggested to you right away.
  5. I see you mentioned XP Pro in the subject, and XP "Home" in your last post. Urge this person to stick with Pro
  6. Strange, but that page of "plug-ins" are the actual programs themselves, not plugins It helps me. I need to know MIME types for my firewall. Now I know where to start unblocking things that arent listed in my error logs. [rant] It seems everything worked fine for me, until I updated to FF 1.5 this morning. Now even after updating my extensions, things are still broke...oh well, just venting...[/rant]
  7. You need a spacce between ipconfig and "/" ipconfig /release ipconfig(space) /release Hey DT, I figured the name would get an answer from you. lol...We bruthas gotta stick together, yo
  8. You need a spacce between ipconfig and "/" ipconfig /release ipconfig(space) /release
  9. Sweet, thanks very much I thought I had a bookmark on how to do that, but I couldn't find it. I forgot about using cat to write out contents... I learn so much (sometimes TOO much) about CLI everyday. I have several conf files I want to experiment with, and this will probably save me literally hours! Thanks again.
  10. No, I wanted to copy all of the information in the 3 seperate configuration files into one single configuration file. I just copied the info from the 3 files individually and pasted it into one file. I was just thinking it would be cool if there were a quicker, easier way to do that. Thanks for responding
  11. Hi guys I was wondering if it is possible to copy the contents of several files into a new file? I have 3 files conf1.txt, conf2.txt, conf3.txt I want to put the contents of all 3 files into one file; masterconf.txt Is this possible? If so, can someone give me the syntax? I tried a few different cp commands, but without the desired results.I haven't seen this covered in Google, only copying multiple files into one directory, etc.. Thanks! Edit: I've found batch files from Googling, but that's not exactly what I am looking for, and my feeble mind doesn't understand them.
  12. Go to Start > Run and type in services.msc hit enter Scroll to the print spooler service, and stop/ restart it That should do the trick
  13. Adaware and Spybot basically do the "same thing" as you put it, but it is good to have both. The reasoning is that not all spyware definitions are exactly the same, therefore Adaware may find some things that Spybot does not, and vice versa. SpywareBlaster is not a scanner. It sets killbits that help prevent spyware from being installed in the first place.When you run this program, you need to Update, then Enable All Protection. You should do this every couple of days or so. Heres a tutorial on how to use SpywareBlaster and what it does. http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/ind...showtutorial=49 I personally hate McAfee, so I cant really comment on it. If you like it, then it should be fine. Keep in mind, an anti virus program such as McAfee and Norton are not the same as a spyware scanner such as Adaware and Spybot So, in a nutshell... You can use as many spyware scanners as you want. Some pickup things that others do not. You should only use one firewall and one Anti Virus program, as these have processes that run in the background that could cause conflicts if you run more than one. SpywareBlaster really doesn't run, it just makes adjustments to the registry that helps prevent certain spyware from getting installed in the first place. I think that you have plenty of protection, and it is not overkill at all Let me suggest one more... IESpyad This puts harmful websites in your Internet Explorer restricted site zone. Run IESPYad, and it will extract to C:\iespyad Open that folder, and click on install.bat Then choose option 2 Then choose option 1 (yes) When it tells you to press any key to continue, press the space bar Then choose 2(exit)
  14. Hi guys and gals I am working on a remote computer that has Symantec Corporate edition installed (not sure which version, I think it's 10) There is a server group in there that we could no longer unlock. It said that the password is incorrect, but I know it isn't So we just installed a new server group. This was several months ago. I was in there today trying to figure out how to delete the old group without the password to no avail. There is a tool called iforgot.exe that shows the encrypted password, and you are supposed to contact support and have them decrypt it for you. For a huge fee Upon running this program and Googling to no avail, suddenly the new server group is not accepting the password! Does anyone know how, short of uninstalling, I can reset the password? I've looked in the registry and can't find any stored passwords. I've been through google and Symantecs site to no avail. I'm hoping to find someone that had the same problem EDIT Just found this http://blog.thedevins.com/archives/000426.php That value is in my registry, so the password 'symantec' unlocked my last server group, but not the old one I was trying to delete in the first place. I'll keep plugging...