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  1. lately i've been trying to get a viewsonic g225fb that works. the first one flickered at anythng below 120hz expecially in the upper left hand corner, the second work find at first then started flickering in the lower left hand corner at 85hz.... so then i sent it bakc to viewsonic for repair. the day that i recieved it back it would start making a hissing/buzzing sound in the back of the monitor at 1600x1200 at 85hz, that being the optimal setting for the monitor so says the instructions. it wouldn't make the sound at ANY other setting, including those with even higher frequencies such as 1600x1200 at 100hz. after a while i noticed that if i left the monitor on at another setting for a while, then switched it to the 1600x1200 at 85hz setting the hissing wouldn't occur, but it would still happen if i left the monitor off for 5 minutes and then turned it back on at the 1600x1200hz setting. now, the sound seems to not occur at all. i got the monitor back last wednesdy i think. i've asked for my money back as i don't trust this thing. should i send it back? no? and do any of you have any idea what's wrong with this monitor? with the previous ones?