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  1. Mac. I had a big crush on a beautiful blonde cheerleader when I was 14 and she was 16. She was helping me through algebra at the time, and also giving me incredile street cred at the time because she thought I was cool. She was decapitated in a car train wreck the year she should have graduated. My best buddy that lived across the street from me got killed when he was 19. These things happen. I still think about them alot. I'll always carry them with me. But this is how life is, and you just have to deal with it the best you can, and be glad you find more friends along the way. You're in good hands here. edit for usual typos
  2. Angelina Jolie is fine enough as is, but add a beer holster (best Homer voice) mmmmmmmmmm.
  3. That'll work too. I can't believe those guys are still touring. But then again I can't believe I'm still around either.
  4. What are you thinking girl?
  5. Makai

    Hey Guys

    Thanks rv56. It's good to be back here again. The smartest nicest people on the interweb.
  6. They actually got the pool filled on time so I may actually go use it. I've been here for two years and never set foot inside the fence. Moving from Hawaii to Nebraska was too much of a shock. Swimming in the Pacific to swimming in a large bathtub, ugh. Hope you all have a safe but fun weekend. Hey TT set up a large PA system and crank up "Street Fighting Man". "Enery the eighth I am".........sheesh.
  7. Good luck and take care JSKY. See you when you're back.
  8. Makai

    Hey Guys

    Hey hitest and BD. good to see you all too. I'm happy to be surfin' again.
  9. Lol! Good one handplane, and yes they are.
  10. Mammaries.........err I mean memories and please no one start singing that song. "Clowns are funny.........but not on the highway" Broderick Crawford, Highway Patrol
  11. We're having nasty weather tonight too. Too early for 90's around here. Never too early for tornadoes though.
  12. Branded Heh, how many old folks remember Chuck Connors.
  13. Lol jimras! What ever happened to the cow methane gas studies they were doing a few years back? I'd like to be the guy who can say "I "milk" the cows for methane." That'd be a real winner with the ladies.
  14. Makai

    Hey Guys

    Thanks Pat. I intend to run amok here once again. Had to pop in from the library computer a few times just to get a fix of BT (and catch up on email). Don't even get me started on health care and ins. companies. (Oops there goes the blood pressure).
  15. Good stuff JSKY. Whether you believe in God or karma or whatever, the reward you get for taking that extra effort far outweigh the time you take to do something for someone else.
  16. Makai

    Hey Guys

    Lol! Keyboard survived, but pants had to be laundered. Good disclaimer, but I always ignore them anyway.
  17. Makai

    Hey Guys

    Hey tenmm. For the life of me I can't remember what it was you said one time back on the talk tech board, but you made me spit water out my nose.
  18. LMAO! Good ones JSKY. I like to use "He has the IQ of a fence post".