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  1. Hello all, Yes I know - you have been asked countless times. . . I created a new user on this home PC with the aim of testing the personal settings. First off I passworded the Admin account making all that users files private, then created a user 'Games' with admin privileges. I was hoping I could customise my 'Services' and 'Start-up Items' so I could have one user settings for on-line games and one for browsing (I spend an extortionate time switching between the two, shutting all non required services for gaming or re-starting if I want to browse. Didn't work - you prolly could have told me that also. Anyway having failed I deleted the 'Games' user and the Password on the Admin account thinking it would set thing back. I cannot load a particular game now, it states "Access is denied" and the header in the window says Error: CreateProcess(C:\DOCUME . . . \Temp\-e5d141.tmp). I have tried not using a shortcut also. Could someone show me how to put this right, I presume it has something to do with making the Admin accounts files private. I thought when I selected make files private, it would hide all my personal stuff not the applications! I checked the path, incase a folder had been deleted, it is there! I cannot for the life of me remember if I opened the game during this experiment, I might have but I cannot see how this could have confused just one game. The game has worked flawless for 2 years and has not been updated since 2005. How can the computer give access denied when I am logged in as the Admin, I have switched user to check this state and still it does not work? thanks Phil