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    what do you want now?
  2. Pierce

    For Soccer Fans

    direct embeded video Pierce
  3. Pierce

    Bytes In Kb, Kb In Mb?

    be a geek and use google: 100000 bytes in kilobytes http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=1...G=Google+Search returns 100 000 bytes = 97.65625 kilobytes
  4. Pierce


    Nice work! :thumbsup: Pierce
  5. Pierce

    Add Youtube Videos To Your Posts!

    admit it jeff, i am your new god Pierce
  6. Pierce

    Ntp Server

    ntpd for linux ported to windows: http://ntp.isc.org/bin/view/Main/ExternalT...crosoft_Windows Pierce
  7. Pierce

    Besttechie Forum Upgrade

    For all the super forum junkies, let me know what you think of 2.2.1, vs vbulletin(cant think of any techie sites for vbulletin off hand but im sure somebody knows at least one) Pierce
  8. Pierce

    Using Ports- Freebsd 6.1 (n00b Question)

    the way i do it, is cd /usr/ports then the relivant folders when in the program folder you want to install, make && make install Then follow the instructions. The ports snap if im correct, updates the ports tree which is a good idea before going into /usr/ports and installing any application. Pierce
  9. Pierce

    Test Your Band Usage

  10. Pierce

    Pre-installed Linux Pcs

    Dell computers used to come with linux, but it wasnt very popular.
  11. Pierce

    Internet Explorer 7

    It does stop popups. And, there was an exploite found for it hours after launch (what i really want to know is why didnt the testing lab test it in RC??) Its a good product, but time will tell. I dont know how many people are going to warm to it. Espically thoes used to IE6. Pierce
  12. Pierce

    Gallery Layout

    Im in opera. Maybe thats why, *checks with ff* hand in FF. For a gallery, where you have pictures, it might be a bit small? Pierce
  13. Pierce

    Gallery Layout

    The buttons need to have a hand rather than a mouse pointer. People get confused and might not even try to click on the links to the left. A bit dark, but that depends on what sort of pictures. Pierce
  14. Are you using an ethernet card and conecting to a router? Pierce