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  1. Yes Yes Yes.... or Perhaps No No No... My lexmark Z735 Software Is Driving Me Crazy.. I Have Searched The Net..Gone To Lexmark Support Site, Left Them Messages. No Luck So Far. I Have Updated My Original Support/Install Disk Drivers With Latest Download From lexmark. No Good, Same Problem When Shutting Down. After Removal And Reinstall Of Drivers, Problem Whent Away. GReat... Couple Of Weeks Later Same Problem Again.. I Like this printer, it's pretty good value, and refills are easy to get hold of, but this shutdown error is doing my head in. I Have Found A way to stop it happening, though it is a bit of a nusance if you are not actually intending to print a document, ie just using the pc. Here Goes, If you are sitting comfortably I will explain. Firstly Note: This Driver Has The Abillity To Switch Your Lexmark Z735 Power On/Off This Is Where I belive The Problem Occurs. My Soloution: When Booting up the P.C Do Not Power On Your Printer. Do Not.. Power On Your Printer When Using Your P.C even after it has booted up. If You then want to print a document, just use the normal print command from the application, and the printer will power up and print out your document, this will initialise the driver properly and should then turn off your printer again when you shut down p.c without showing any error messages. I hope this information is helpfull as it's the only soloution I have found so far. If anyone has a better way, please let me know it would be very usefull. Good luck to all you Lexmark owners. Try it out and see haow you get on. P.S If anyone knows how to Reset the shown ink levels on this Printer Model Send Us A Reply. Cheers. Richard