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  1. Happy Independence Day America
  2. Guess i will add my congrats old man, or getting there! Happy Birthday friend .
  3. I know i am not an HJT expert here but thought i would let all know she is being helped at G4 by PeteC. Deaf girl, you should not post the same log at different forums !!
  4. Howdy wonderent, before you do the SP2 thing, make sure you are clean of viruses & other infections first. Stay safe !
  5. Howdy all, just want to say congrats to all Seniors who are graduating from High School or parents/grandparents. My Granddaughter Chelsey Lou Miller, my prayers and hopes go out to her and the many others who begin their journey into this world filled with their hopes and dreams, i wish you all the best on this journey, may you find what was placed out there for you. Seek and you shall find. Good Luck Seniors
  6. Howdy, nice move BT, can't tell there was any change or am i missing something. Just wondering how difficult it was ? Does it take a long time ? GL with the move !!
  7. Howdy Pete and all, just one word on your statement !! AMEN
  8. Thanks TT for the link !! Appreciated !
  9. Howdy all, just want to know if any of you have tried to get to G4. I can't get there, have they changed the site addy ?? Thanks !
  10. Howdy garmanma, naw it was my computer. I only use FF for mostly checking HJT logs, so only had it so it started with the FF start (search) page. But its working right now. Thought there might be a way to lock it but can't find nothing on it, but at least i know how to fix if ti happens again ! Thanks for replying !!
  11. Thanks guys but those were a no go, i had to remove firefox to get it to work. Now how can i lock FF so the start page cannot be changed ?? Thanks !!
  12. Howdy all, i need some help with what ever my g-daughters messed up. When i open firefox it opens with a yahoo page displayed. How can i change this back to the firefox start page ??? Thanks for info !!
  13. Howdy Tyme, good to know you are still out there, and see ya been very busy, marriage.... baby. You got to much tyme on your hands. TC friend !
  14. flashh4

    I Survived

    Glad to hear that handplane, just hope all will go well in the future. Prayers at night for you !!!!!
  15. Well now since i am from KY i must say i resemble those remarks !!
  16. Sounds & looks great Brian, make sure you have good curtains or shades for all the peeping toms, LOL !!!!!!!! GL in the new pad !
  17. Howdy Matt, was just reading where theres a few tools that will come close to what HJT does & that one program owner is trying to update his program to try & do the same as HJT does. So guess time will see !! TC friend ! Chuck
  18. Howdy BT and Matt, just wonder how this will effect the removal and cleaning of logs if TrendMicro starts selling HJT insted of being free. How it will effect us as readers ?? Since i am a new HJT reader i was needing your comments on this !! Thanks !!
  19. Just to add to Whiskeyman report: As most of you all ready know that combofix has a rootkit infection, thanks to Whiskeyman for informing me. I checked around and at MRW they are recommending using this tool insted of Combofix !! Deckard ComboScan tool More info here! http://forum.malwareremoval.com/viewtopic.php?p=154716#154716 ://http://forum.malwareremoval.com/vie...=154716#154716 ://http://forum.malwareremoval.com/vie...=154716#154716
  20. Well guys my name is Chuck & i had to get after my kids when they were growing up because they would always start singing "The Name Game" song !! Enough said on that !
  21. May i add my condolences, just kidding !!! CONGRATS Matt my friend, i know you will do a super job !!
  22. Bear i'll trade ya, in Wyoming for 2 weeks now its below O ....... Started at -25 and now its supposed to get to 5 above. last wednesday we got a blizzard with wind chill -45 but only 6 in. of snow !! You all stay warm & safe !!
  23. flashh4

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    Welcome Ice Wolf , the people here are a great bunch ! Hope you enjoy your stay.
  24. Howdy, don't know if this should be under updates or to the open section so all could read ! Don't know if any of you have seen this but thought i would post it for those who do not have computer set for auto update !! Or don't know about it !! -http://support.microsoft.com/kb/928089/ December 14, 2006 "...Microsoft released a patch for Internet Explorer 7 (IE7) that will boost the brand-new browser's performance on some Web sites. Some users had reported that the new phishing filter had been slowing down the PC's performance as IE evaluated the security of Web pages that contained a lot of frames. Microsoft introduced the filter in IE7, released in mid-October, as a way of warning Web surfers when they might be visiting untrustworthy Web sites. The new performance patches are for Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 versions of IE7, but -not- for users running the browser on Windows Vista..."
  25. Have erased my thoughts, do not want to start political post ! But after spending 23 yrs. in law enforcement (DEA) i know all about these sites & their views & that most are backed or encouraged by the ACLU. No more from me on this !!!!!!!