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  1. Howdy, thought id share these chuckles with ya !! Here are ads actually printed in newspapers. Free Puppies: Part German Shepherd. Part stupid dog. Georgia peaches. California grown. 89 cents a pound. Joining a nudist colony! Must sell washer and dryer. $300. Stay Safe Chuck
  2. Howdy baseball fans, so was the sox a better team or was it the 8 days off that made them look so easy to beat ?? I think that was why. Being a sports nut myself, they looked pretty passive. I have umped and reffed baseball and basketball games for many yrs (about 35 yrs), i must say the umps did a good job even the replays showed they did. Anyway great games for sox fans and rockies, wait till next year. My poor ST.Louis Cards........ Next year folks!!! Chuck
  3. Howdy, all computer owned people & others in the USA get your free Taco ! http://www.abcnews.go.com/Sports/story?id=3778763 Enjoy Chuck
  4. Howdy Joe, i just want to correct you so you will know the truth. You stated As for the cell phones, I was referring to the ones that you buy and then just add minutes with a cash card. No records at all. I will tell you that all phone calls regardless of what type of phone you use does make and have records of where it was made to, the time, the date and other info. But not the conversation is recorded ! Just wanted to set this straight !! Chuck
  5. Howdy, i doubt you are being tapped because the Feds i know, and have worked with only tap buldings and places that carry lots of people. Individual houses are not tapped they are listened to and recorded with a device about the size of a hub cap. Its an antenia device which can pick up sounds from an amazing distance. So relax you or let your mind run wild !! Chuck
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    Howdy Bearskin, used up all my wood sending them dam smoke signals, welcome back !!
  7. Howdy, damn things flashing, so i can't log in !!!!!
  8. Howdy bar5, Thanks, no words are neded, just bow your head and listen ! Chuck
  9. Howdy, is g4 back up and running ? or did they change the site location ? Thanks !
  10. flashh4

    Car Help!

    Howdy, better than that get a what they call a test light ( they are cheap), clip one end to a ground and check both sides of fuse, if light comes on-on both side its current is good, if not its bad.
  11. Howdy Martint, heres some info on the HIBERFIL.SYS file. Its a system-generated file. File is used by Windows for hibernation. * HIBERFIL.SYS is a file the system creates when the computer goes into hibernation mode. Windows uses the file when it is turned back on. If you don't need hibernation mode and want to delete the file you need to turn the hibernation option off before Windows will allow you to delete the file... o Start | Control Panel | Power Options o Go to the Hibernate Tab o Uncheck the Enable Hibernation box if you don't need the hiberation function
  12. Howdy, sometimes smitfraud will not remove it and you wind up doing a manual removal, which is very complicated !!! Chuck
  13. Howdy Marty, yes TT is right uninstall all versions before following above instructions. Chuck
  14. Howdy Marty, from what i understand theres a bug in the installer so here 2 ways that should get it to work properly. 1. One method involves registering the Visual Basic Script runtime which will permit the installer to work correctly. The other method involves installing in "passive" mode which will bypass the portions of the installer that are causing the error. First method: To register the Visual Basic Script runtime: Go to Start -> Run, type the following command and hit Enter. regsvr32 %SystemRoot%\system32\vbscript.dll You should a prompt that says "DllRegisterServer in C:\WINDOWS\system32\vbscript.dll succeeded." Now you can try running the aaw2007.exe installer again and you shouldn't get the Fatal Error message again. 2. This is proably the simplest if you know how to change the directory. To install in "passive mode": Either run the command "aaw2007.exe /passive" on Start -> Run, or from command prompt. Make sure you change the directory to where the aaw2007.exe resides. Passive installation mode will bypass all questions during installation, hence, bypassing the part of the installer that are causing the error. Please take note that if you're using the passive mode to install Ad-Aware 2007, make sure you've closed all your running programs and also save any documents that you're typing. This is because IF the installer requires a restart, it will automatically restart without asking for your permission. I like the first one best, seems how some are getting it to work. Hope it works. Stay Safe Marty Chuck
  15. Howdy hitest, that really hurts. But how many times have you walked by that carrier and said "i should put that out of the way !!", Remember no soccer with the family either !
  16. Howdy, Have him try in Safe Mode and go to Start/Run and type in msconfig. On the General tab, make sure that you do not see Diagnostic Startup checked. If it is, change it to Normal Startup and reboot. Chuck
  17. Howdy Marty, ChrisRLG over at MRW forum, and Tom Coytoe, said his son uses party poker that its a legit site, also i use it to play for fun. It does not install any spys or trackers into your computer. Most of the other poker site do, or they are classified as unsafe by some of the sites we use to check for cleaning HJT logs !! Regarding the windows fire wall: I use it also but some of the experts say it only blocks certain ports, so he may want to check his ports. Heres some info on the ports it uses: http://technet2.microsoft.com/windowsserve...3.mspx?mfr=true
  18. Howdy, i think the one you are referring to is called "Spy Sweeper" by Webroot. Its been around for a little while, heres some info on it : Spy Sweeper safeguards your identity and restores system performance through fast, smart and powerful anti-spyware protection. Spy Sweeper protects against all types of spyware, including system monitors, Trojan horses, and other threats like CoolWebSearch, Look2Me, and more. Spy Sweeper's advanced removal engine deletes the toughest spyware programs - even removing mutated or "rootkit" spies, some of the nastiest next-generation spyware threats - which are specifically designed to avoid detection and removal. This removal technology saves time and effort by eliminating these vicious threats in one sweep - requiring no need for multiple reboots. As soon as it's installed, Spy Sweeper with AntiVirus offers 360 degrees of protection against spyware and viruses and is now compatible with Windows Vista. Some of the HJT experts do not like it ! This statement is kinda misleading >>> Spy Sweeper protects against all types of spyware, including system monitors, Trojan horses, and other threats like CoolWebSearch, Look2Me, and more theres no way to stop all types of these infections.
  19. Howdy blim, i always take a can of compressed air and blow out the slot where new ram goes.
  20. flashh4

    Dirty Skunks!

    Howdy JD, watch out for those skunks. We have had 7 cases of them that were rabid !!
  21. Let me add my congrats on your birthday Jeff. May you be blessed in all the coming years ! Chuck
  22. Howdy, I too use JDoors quote below, but i went futher and connected it to a blasting cd player with Betoven on it, believe me it takes the buglars by suprise but i installed it because of the Grizzleys getting in the garbage cans, works really great they scoot when it plays. Haven't had any burglars that i know of. Hope you catch the thief joe !