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  1. ok ill admit...1.. id like to strangle the judges that set the drug dealers loose as fast as we catch them ...2 ... wish i knew as much about these things called computers as most of you guys...... 3...... wish i wasn't a work-a-holic,because it cost me my wife & missed out on being dad to my 2 kids (34 & 36)because i wanted to take all drugs off the street.wife couldnt take the long nights & worring if id come home at night. & 31 yrs later im still @ it. .....STAY SAFE
  2. hey all,was wondering thru the net & came upon this site..... thought id post it & let you see ifit might help with future programs.... what you think?? web site just type in a problem with windows ....STAY SAFE
  3. hey, was just wondering if You have closed some programs, on a secondary monitor, that remember their position. When you move the position of the secondary monitor, those programs may open outside the viewable area. This will happen with programs that are NOT 'multi-monitor' aware. Microsoft Office 2000 programs are 'multi-monitor' aware, but WinZip 7.0 is not. was just something i was reading.dont know if it would apply to your problem. STAY SAFE
  4. hey, are you running a mutifunction system ?????? .....STAY SAFE
  5. thanks guys, so do i clean install . is that the same as formatting hard drive . please give me the steps to follow so i dont screw it up.rem im just learning this stuff. ......STAY SAFE
  6. ill have to check but dont think i have a code for the recovery disk (ME) and i deleted the first install of upgrade xp home,does that mean i deleted the partion ??? my computer is HP XG838 ...... was reading just a few minutes ago that i can clean install with a 95 disk. it was on paul thurrotts supersite. so maby ill give it a try this weekend.what you think ???? STAY SAFE FRIEND
  7. hey ten, yes cause i only have a 95 disk & the recovery disk that came with my computer,with ME installed. so i did an upgrade to xp home edition.then i had a lot of problemswith some things after the up grade, so i did a parallel install & now programs are working great. so what i was thinking was to delete the old systems (ME & the first install of xp home) so i will have more hard drive space...any help ???? thanks & STAY SAFE
  8. hey, i want to clean up my harddrive & get some used up space back.i have a 30 gb hard drive & only 17.7gb of free space. i dont keep any pics or music or files other than what the system uses. when i bought the computer it had windows me installed,then i upgraded to xp home edition. then did a parallel install......i think i have deleted the ME install & the 1st install of xp home. so why so much used space??? any help how to get some of the used up space back ????? thanks ......STAY SAFE & not that many programs have i downloaded or installed hey, theres got to be a way to find & delete theprevious installs ??????
  9. thanks guys. i found a lot of help here on past techtv post.....http://www.g4techtv.com/techtvvault/index.html ......STAY SAFE
  10. hey all. im trying to find some old sites that leo posted on his show. anyone know if theres an archive where i can look up some posts of his ???? thanks & STAY SAFE
  11. as a 31 yr veteran of the gov.(DEA) i found these 2 people who made the posts so funny that i wanted to tell them i didnt think any fishes (people) on the boards would fall for that bait.but as i got up off the floor from laughing i knew there would be some who would fall for this, maby they were legit but why wouldnt you contact the authorities ????? feds do a good job finding embezzelers. SO PEOPLE BE VERY CAREFUL & STAY SAFE .......if you can,,,,,,,,,just my thoughts
  12. http://www.jsifaq.com/subj/tip4700/rh4719.htm ............hope this text site works.....STAY SAFE
  13. hey matt,what search engine are you useing ???? STAY SAFE FRIEND oops sorry guess i better read all your post next time
  14. thanks guys. wanted it for gdaughter to put stuff in when she uses my computer....STAY SAFE
  15. been there done that... it says always show & it doesent show....STAY SAFE & ALSO IVEBEEN INTO THE BOTTOM OF THE COMPUTER & UNINSTALLED ALL ICONS IN TASKBAR....STILL NOTHING ..oops sry bout caps no help from HP & i cant get upgrade disk to work because it says my system is newer than the one im trying to install..... its the same cd as i first installed,so how can it be newer????
  16. hey guys, i have always had a problem with some files when i did an upgrade to xp home. i had ME b4 the upgrade.& ever since ive had those problems with volume button staying in taskbar & the taskbar keeps changeing icons in lower right handcorner. ok i want to do a repair install but when i put the cd in it says my system that is running is newer than the upgrade xp home....... its the same disk... what gives ???? and i cant do a clean install because i only have a 95 disk... the original was recovery disk ME any help on what i should do ??????some of you have tried to help b4 .... so anyone else ????? .....thanks & STAY SAFE xp home upgrade was ME hpxg838
  18. this what you are talking about ?? TEXT.....STAY SAFE dont know what happened couldnt get the right link..... dam now its there
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    i was born in kentucky, so far back in the hills we had 2 outhouses, 1 holer for the women & a 3 holer for the gents. with sears catalog to read ,then dispose of properly........STAY SAFE
  20. heard that on news today, would be a great break for spinal cord injury. LETS HOPE .....STAY SAFE FRIEND
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    hey kat ,then i bet you have heard GRETICHEN WILSON....red kneck woman....STAY SAFE
  22. hey, look here ......... My Webpage ..........stay safe oops sorry thats not my web page...
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    hey ten , i have it on cd ...... play it when ever company comes over. .... takes the tension out of the air. its by JEFF FOXWORTHY.... in case you didnt know....STAY SAFE FRIEND
  24. DITTOS ... as above ...welcome & STAY SAFE