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  1. only the shadow knows .............. STAY SAFE
  2. here we go again ............. the worm is known as Crowt-A
  3. read this IF YOU WERE REDIRECTED BY URL OR MSN ........... .........STAY SAFE
  4. hey TIC,have just read your baby page & just want to say you enjoy every minute. i was heading to NAM when i kearned my son was on the way & never got to see him till he was a year & half.we named him MICHAEL but the doc said it was a girl then wwe would use MICHEAL so we had bases covered. sorry for blab .just enjoy the process of concieve to birth. sorry dont have a name but ill be watching to see what you & the misses choose......................STAY SAFE YOU 3
  5. no it will take you to john kerrys web where he has a plan for you ...........STAY SAFE FRIEND
  6. hey marty. welcome. also i was reading an article somewhere that said you cpuld super speed up your computer by turning off all users on your computer,but cabt find it. ever hear of this tip ???? .........STAY SAFE
  7. interesting article ..............STAY SAFE
  8. hey matt,found this today while surffing...will it help ............STAY SAFE
  9. never used 3.1 how many times a month do you hear "no,i've got a headache" ??? STAY SAFE
  10. dogs ....... why does a tire go flat on the bottom ????? STAY SAFE
  11. hey marty, while surfing i found this dont know if it might help.......mandrake 10 .................STAY SAFE
  12. hey, after checking i couldn't find any change in my system. so got to talking with some other people & we figure this was b4 SP2 is installed on a system... sorry about that .....STAY SAFE
  13. hey, was surfing for tips & found this.whats your opinon ???? thought it might be worth knowing........If you want detail information about a device in Windows XP and Windows .NET, add a Details tab to Device Manager's Properties dialog: 1. Control Panel / System / Advanced / Environment Variables / System variables / New. 2. Set the Variable name to DEVMGR_SHOW_DETAILS and the Variable value to 1. Press OK, OK, and OK. STAY SAFE If you want detail information about a device in Windows XP and Windows .NET.....this was all i could find on which systems
  14. now how can i be wrong.... maby im just one of the lucky ones. everything worked fine when i installed sp2. maby because i followed all the steps or cause i installed it the first thing i did was get the updates ,then i installed it. just call me lucky .......STAY SAFE
  15. yep thats what i did & had no problems ......STAY SAFE the way i undestand it now you have to uninstall sp1 before loading sp2
  16. DO IT......... NERELDA.... now i know why ive always like candy canes ............STAY SAFE
  17. come on guys fess up...the couch is open & dr.kat is waiting STAY SAFE
  18. THANKSALL, NOW I WANT TO RECOVER THAT LOST DRIVE SPACE.....17GS FREE ------13GS USED--- show me how to recover even if i have to clean install. i tried to run kildisk but couldnt figure out how to run it ( not computer smart ) so give me easy directions to recover lost space //????? STAY SAFE
  19. dittos & wecome.....the smart guys will be along soon to welcome you ....i just hold the door...........STAY SAFE
  20. ok ill admit...1.. id like to strangle the judges that set the drug dealers loose as fast as we catch them ...2 ... wish i knew as much about these things called computers as most of you guys...... 3...... wish i wasn't a work-a-holic,because it cost me my wife & missed out on being dad to my 2 kids (34 & 36)because i wanted to take all drugs off the street.wife couldnt take the long nights & worring if id come home at night. & 31 yrs later im still @ it. .....STAY SAFE
  21. hey all,was wondering thru the net & came upon this site..... thought id post it & let you see ifit might help with future programs.... what you think?? web site just type in a problem with windows ....STAY SAFE
  22. hey, was just wondering if You have closed some programs, on a secondary monitor, that remember their position. When you move the position of the secondary monitor, those programs may open outside the viewable area. This will happen with programs that are NOT 'multi-monitor' aware. Microsoft Office 2000 programs are 'multi-monitor' aware, but WinZip 7.0 is not. was just something i was reading.dont know if it would apply to your problem. STAY SAFE
  23. hey, are you running a mutifunction system ?????? .....STAY SAFE
  24. thanks guys, so do i clean install . is that the same as formatting hard drive . please give me the steps to follow so i dont screw it up.rem im just learning this stuff. ......STAY SAFE