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  1. you do have some 0's that need to be taken care of,but im only in COYOTE class so i can't advise you .wait for one of the warriors to do this.
  2. thanks steve. i had to reformat & reinstall because i couldn't open icons & task bar problems so now i have to reload all favorites i had. plus other things. later friend
  3. i need to get a link for g4 tech support forums. reason is i time out b4 it will load the page. is there a way to set time out to make it longer b4 the page ( cannot find server pops up )... any help ????? win XP home
  4. problem solved with a reformat & reinstall windows pro upgrade. now i need to get a link for g4 tech support forums. reason is i time out b4 it will load the page. is there a way to set time out to make it longer b4 the page ( cannot find server pops up )... any help ?????
  5. hey guys, im haveing serious trouble here. 1. can't use anything in my task bar. if i click on anything installed it wont do nothing. 2. icons will not open, none, it just wont open any icons. 3. will not open IE in task bar. 4. the only way i can get on line is to use start.....then my IE. ok, i went into safe mode & everything worked fine..... oh & i tried a system restore & it said there was no restore point, yes it is turned on. tried a repair & nothing changed. need some ideas here ???????? i do not have an original OEM so wipeing out everything is not an option. win XP home upgrade over ME , just a recovery disk of ME & the upgrade pro XP HELP HELP
  6. have you tried changeing the drive letter to one it suggest???
  7. thanks blim, after 31 yrs. with DEA, kinda glad. but i do miss the adrenlin rush sometimes. STAY SAFE
  8. hey TYME, im running both & no conflicts.
  9. well lets see ive met a lot some very important ,connected with my old job b4 i retired in JANUARY. met pres. bush & the clintons, & both vice pres. & personaly know dick cheney because i live near him. also met some judges that are on the supreme court. guess these are not very interesting, but some are very stupid........lol
  10. wonder why they want you to remove ms spy ware. i didn't & doesn't seem to be any problems. any suggestions why there TG ??????
  11. i just came from castle cop & found this new program. you might want to check it out.;;;Antispyware program beats out Webroot Spysweeper, Lavasoft Ad-Aware and PestPatrol in recent PC World's shoot-out Clearwater, Florida, USA -- Sunbelt Software, a leading provider of Windows security solutions, today announced that it has received the PC World Magazine Best Buy award for its antispyware tool, CounterSpy. In a review of seven antispyware products, PC World gave CounterSpy its Best Buy award for delivering the highest spyware detection rate. CounterSpy was found to be the most capable antispyware program, providing an overall scanning efficiency of 85%. you can down load here download.com i ran all my spyware programs & nothing, then i ran this new program & it turned up 4 spys . some of the other guys over at the other board did same. & found spys so thought you might want to check it out. & i also ran ms spyware nothing.
  12. glad to see the post posted over here . hope all reads it. STAY SAFE
  13. flashh4

    Color Text

    ok,need a refresher couarse on how to post text in color,must be haveing a brain malfunction ?????.................STAY SAFE SOLVED
  14. SHADOW,sorry for your loss & everyones words here echo my thoughts................STAY SAFE
  15. marty heres your kmelon..........here ya go ..................STAY SAFE
  16. good 1 SHADOW............... love the new sig...................STAY SAFE FRIEND
  17. only the shadow knows .............. STAY SAFE
  18. here we go again ............. the worm is known as Crowt-A
  19. read this IF YOU WERE REDIRECTED BY URL OR MSN ........... .........STAY SAFE
  20. hey TIC,have just read your baby page & just want to say you enjoy every minute. i was heading to NAM when i kearned my son was on the way & never got to see him till he was a year & half.we named him MICHAEL but the doc said it was a girl then wwe would use MICHEAL so we had bases covered. sorry for blab .just enjoy the process of concieve to birth. sorry dont have a name but ill be watching to see what you & the misses choose......................STAY SAFE YOU 3
  21. no it will take you to john kerrys web where he has a plan for you ...........STAY SAFE FRIEND
  22. hey marty. welcome. also i was reading an article somewhere that said you cpuld super speed up your computer by turning off all users on your computer,but cabt find it. ever hear of this tip ???? .........STAY SAFE