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  1. http://www.microsoft.com/athome/security/s...re/default.mspx What is Windows Defender? Windows Defender (Beta 2) is a free program that helps protect your computer against pop-ups, slow performance, and security threats caused by spyware and other unwanted software. It features Real-Time Protection, a monitoring system that recommends actions against spyware when it's detected, and a new streamlined interface that minimizes interruptions and helps you stay productive. Just to keep you informed !!!!! I'll wait !!!!
  2. flashh4

    Happy New Year!

    Great work Chappy & all the Staff here !!! Keep it going in 06 !
  3. Happy Birthday both of you !! Been to busy in classes (HJT logs) to get here much!! So have a great one.
  4. Get well soon my friend and have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
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    Chappy, found this to be a better cmd run command line that the one posted above. It worked better : tracert www.site goes here .net or org.
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    Say, increase it to 5, for starters? ok i'm at a loss there !!!! thanks JD
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    yep LIZ timeout is being sent to ya room. & yes it ends with org. don't think that should make a difference but need better tech help than this brain can come up with. i pmed whiskeyman & he could get there but they wouldn't reconigize his name !! If it wasn't for my classes there doing logs i'd just give up on it !!! any who's thanks LIZ STAY SAFE friend
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    Chappy, heres what i got following your suggestion above !!!!!! Can't find server name for address timed out server : un-known address : dns request timed out. time out was 2 seconds. dns request timed out. time out was 2 seconds. *** request to un-known timed out. thats all greek to me !!!!!!!
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    OK guys here we go again. cannot connect to tom coyote. so i need to know if anyone can get there so i can try chappys suggestion !!!!!! Thanks
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    Howdy Dave, i seem to be haveing a similar problem >>>>> http://www.besttechie.net/forums/index.php...8&st=0&p=46921& do you think they may be similar ??? all my other links worked last night except for COYOTE !!!!!! Strange, then it started working this morning !!!!!!! & they were not down !!!! Later friend Chuck
  11. just read it cat, thanks i'll go post my link there & see if he thinks its the same problem !!! thank ya ! STAY SAFE
  12. thanks i'll give that a try, cat but seems funny that tom coyote is the only site i am haveing trouble with, the rest work fine !!!!!
  13. Good morning all, today i am logged in to coyote, why, still don't know. keith, i can't think of anything that i have downloaded that would of changed anything. got a Q. about the cashe & cookies, temp files being deleted ?? when jsky you said to reboot afterwards & i just clicked the restart, is that the same as shutting off comp & restarting ??? or could that have been the problem after clean up ???? i appreciate all the help guys !!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. if thats located in the tools section under internet options , i have cleaned up everything there .
  15. I wouldn't turn off your fire wall. Maybe try dumping your web browser cache. <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
  16. just did a reboot & still no go !!!!!!! If i turn turning off fire wall will that maby help or is that not a good idea ????
  17. yes i keep haveing that reoccuring problem !! i'll try a reboot & see if that helps. Thanks guys
  18. Howdy , i can not get onto any Tom Coyote site !!! Is it down ?? I have cleaned cookies, temp files, cashe & nothing works. I can get into all my favorites but coyote. any help here ??? Keithldick said he could get in . thanks for any help !! just tried firefox & still cannot get into a site with Tom coyote name associated with it !!!!
  19. lots of movies filmed here in WYOMING, especially westerns. James Arness used to live 39 minutes away from me & theres a lot of important people live in Jackson Hole ( 1 hr away ) , VP Dick Chenney, Harrison Ford lives there & has used his plane & helicopter to help my unit with Search & rescue ! pretty cool guy he is. & to many to list here have summer homes there !! used to be only millionares lived there , now the billionares have pushed them out & down into Cody !!! STAY SAFE
  20. ok try this & see if will show you the contents in the prefetch folder. go to start >>> run >>> copy/past this %SystemRoot%\Prefetch folder ....see if finds it !!!
  21. to find prefetch folder .....................DO NOT REMOVE OR DELETE THE ->(layout.ini)<- FILE WHICH RESIDES IN XP'S PREFETCH FOLDER OR YOU WILL SLOW DOWN YOUR PC AT START UP AND WHEN YOU OPEN WINDOWS PROGRAMS. Once it is gone it can stay gone on some PC'S (like mine) for ever and your Prefetch Folder will never work again no matter what you do in the registry to try to rectify the problem. If this has happened to your prefetch folder DON'T WORRY because I will now show you in 5 easy steps how you can rebuild the -> (layout.ini) <- file again. 1): make sure that the task scheduler is enabled.If you are un sure go to-> Start/Contrl Panel/Administrative Tools/ Click on Services/ Then in the list of services make sure the Task Sheduler is enabled & restart the service by clicking on Start. Close the Services Folder & go back to desktop. 2): Then go to START/RUN/ and TYPE IN/->cmd<-(without the arrows) CLICK OK. This will bring up the DOS Command screen. 3):You will need to copy and paste this entry in at the flashing cursor -> rundll32.exe advapi32.dll,ProcessIdleTasks <-(without the arrows) and press ENTER. 4):Now reboot three times and your Prefetch folder will be rebuilt.(It takes 3 reboots for the prefetch folder to work out what it needs) 5):Then go BACK to ->Start/Contrl Panel/Administrative Tools/ / Services/ Once again find TASK SHEDULER in the list and stop the service and then set it to disabled.This will stop any more entries going into your Prefetch folder. If you need to leave your task sheduler enabled,(No Drama) you will just have to clean out your Prefetch folder manually from time to time.Just remember not to remove the layout.ini file You should only clean out files ?other than Windows Start up files? in the Prefetch folder. If you clean out the standard Windows entries you will CRIPPLE & SLOW DOWN the Windows XP Quick starts and also slow down opening windows processes. No one bothers to tell you the consequence of deleting the (layout.ini file) in all the tips I have seen about cleaning out the Prefetch folder. Also if you use one of the many programs that are availabe to clean the prefetch folder you will find that they delete the layout.ini file also. I have now tried about 50 of these so called Prefetch clean programs and they all disable the Prefetch folder completely and for ever which is a crazy thing to do.The Prefetch is one of the best things about XP. The truth is that only people who don't know what the Prefetch folder is actually for and don't know how it works say that it is useless. All I can say is that there must be a lot of people with a verry sluggish XP Windows PC's around,,especially at Boot up. hope this will help !!!
  22. remembering those pictures of the tower & other terrorist acts is still awful to see ! may god watch over us & pray it will never happen again !!!!! please take a moment in silence for those we have lost !!!
  23. with a woman like that, maby she wore his brain out, they say men think with whats in their pants !!
  24. finally CNM fixed the problems, thanks to all who helped !!!!!!!