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  1. Something i would like to say on this subject is that after learning to do HJT logs i know that experts always recommend rechecking all things in msconfig that were disabled, before they will recommend a fix !!
  2. Happy Thanksgiving to all, my wife & i will spend the day with our daughter & hubby & 3 lovely grand daughters !! 9 months, 13 yrs. old & 17 yrs old. Enjoy everyone !! Pray for our troops !!!
  3. Howdy guys, i have had spybot for a long time, and now all of a sudden its poping up in my task bar when i turn on computer & i can't remember how to stop it from appearing there ??? Any help mucho appreciated !!! Thanks ! SOLVED
  4. Your best bet is to find a Jiffy Lube or something similar. They charged me $75 to flush the trany. Most places will not change the filter unless you request & it cost extra. I usually do my own, you have to remove the 32 bolts that hold the pan on, remove carefully because the oil comes down all at once unless you take all the bolts out but 3 on one side then when you take them out let the pan tilt to oneside, it drains most of the oil out then. The filter is seated with a O ring about 1 inch ID.(inside diameter) some you have to remove with a mechanic hook. O ring that is. But its best to let a shop flush it because then they pressure the system so the oil in the torque converter and the small fileings come out also !!
  5. flashh4

    Veteran's Day

    Thanks to all my brothers !!
  6. Now i have confiscated a lot of marijuana plants before i retired but DAM this is huge !! No wonder enrolement in the armed services are up !!!! http://msnbc.msn.com/id/15239501/?GT1=8618
  7. I too add my deep felt sadness if gary is gone !!! Like some of you others that he helped at ttv, i join that list !!
  8. Thats funny, sending to my daughter, thanks for the laugh !!
  9. flashh4

    Remember 9/11

    Very well said Chappy, i took time out for a moment of sience today for those who gave all !!!! We should never forget !!!
  10. Yep they quoted me higher plan than my old insurance plan 6 yrs ago so i canceled my aarp card but they keep sending me a new one every year. I do use it on hotels/motels saves around $4.00 enough for a gallon of gas, lol !!
  11. A blonde lady driveing a car was pulled over by a blonde cop, the cop asked the blond driver for a drivers license and after looking a long time for it in her bag, the blond cop says"ok lady its small and square with your picture on it ". So the blond driver picks up her small makeup mirrow and looks at her picture & passes it to the blond lady cop, who looks at the mirrow and says " sorry if i had known you were a cop i would of just let you go " !!!
  12. This was posted to me at BBS because i wanted to connect an old computer to my main computer wireless to research viruses & trojans, hope it can help you also !! If you are connecting via a telephone line, I assume you are going to connect via ADSL, which uses the unused bandwidth on a normal telephone line. The best solution is to use an ADSL router. This device has an inbuilt ADSL modem and allows you to share the modem's connection with other computers. In other words, you get a network broadband connection rather than a single point connection. You can get ADSL routers that also have wireless. One of these will allow you to connect to other computers without running wires all over the place. However, wireless signal is reduced as it passes through walls and floors (particularly reinforced concrete walls that can reduce the signal to nothing) so how far the wireless signal goes depends very much on the construction of your house. However, you can usually expect a wireless system to connect to adjacent rooms. A wired connection is faster and easier to set up. Therefore, if one of the computers is close to the telephone point, I'd connect it via cable rather than wirelessly. Save the wireless for remote connections. You will need wireless network cards or wireless usb adapters in each of the PC that are to connect to the router via wireless. Wired PCs will need a 100BaseTX network card (most modern PC have them built in). Lastly, I recommend you get an ADSL wireless router. This is not the same as a DSL router. If you get a DSL router, you will also need an ADSL modem and getting the two to talk to each other can be hard work. Therefore, look for a router that specifically states that it is for use with an ADSL line. Good luck with your project !! Still thinking about how to go about mine !!
  13. Howdy Bob, training is on going. I had finished all my logs where i was previously in classes then the mod said i didn't know enough about computers and so they wean out some of the ones they think needs to go. Funny they waited till i was all done with logs. Any way i enrolled in classes at another forum. They help you there to understand things better, not just say search, search, search. But some searches turn up nothing & you are not supposed to ask for help from an expert, then how the hell can you learn. I will become an expert some day !!!!!!!! I can do the logs with no problem but guess you have to graduate before you are allowed to help !!!!!! I come here and take logs then return to see if the experts agree with my fix, so far batting 100 !! Peace ........Out
  14. Check my post here & see if you agree with how to set it up, please read the PM also from Metalica if you are ever going to try this so you will not be infected !!!!! http://forums.g4tv.com/messageview.cfm?cat...threadid=621806 Is this my best choice on setting it up ???? Thanks my friends for replys !!
  15. Check out Cabela's. I learned a long time ago to make my own by reloading shells. I have 12 rifles & 7 hand guns so its a lot cheaper to reload, just be careful not to much powder over the max.
  16. Howdy all, i'm in the process of getting an old computer up & going for an XMachine, going to infect it with viruses & worms to find the quickest & programs that work on removeing the bad things that are new to infect machines. Got the idea from Metalica who has taught me a lot about infections & he has had one for a long time !!! Gonna take a while but no hurry !!! Chuck
  17. They're at it again ...............http://www.cnn.com/2006/TECH/internet/05/2...w.ap/index.html
  18. My wife & i were up till the we hours of the morning listening to the oldies !! We talked & reminissed the old days of the 60's when we met i was in the u.s. army & she worked on the post in Washington state. We had long walks at night along the beech at Puget Sound, we talked, we made love in the sand !!!! Who says you can't go back ..............................................
  19. Great oldies rock & roll station.............http://www.oldies95online.com/main.html Ahhhhhhhhhhh the golden oldies !!!!!!!!
  20. Howdy, had a long talk with our mechanic (23yrs hes been mechanic) today on useing ethanol, no adjustments will will be needed on automobiles. Theres 3 stations in our state (Wyoming) & there will be one in our next door neighbor state (Montana) next month. Do any of you have them in your state yet ! What is the price for the ethanol ?? I cannot find the price here yet but when i do i will let everyone know !! Peace --- Out !!!!!
  21. Now if i can figure where it went after download & how to use it !!! LOL never fooled with something like this b4 !!!!! Thanks !
  22. Thanks all, think i am gonna go with tictoc advise !! Much appreciated for the responce !!
  23. Howdt all, i have some pics downloaded into my comp that i want to send in a email to my son but it keeps saying they are to big. How can i size them down to send !!! XP thru IE !!! Thanks !!
  24. Guess we should of, then ask for a raise !!! Yeah right !