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  1. Holey shit Shadow, man that must of been the worst story i have heard in a long time ! Wow ..... you must be one lucky s.o.b. !! Yeah i seen some ugly shit in Nam myself but i don't think most would compare with that stuff ! It most diff is a good thing you were not driving ! I know i have been real Lucky not even having a broken bone in my body & only a few scrapes ! To come out of Nam with nothing but good health is the best i could do ..... lol !! Lets hope you are on the road to better health & recover your lost memory ! Take Care my friend !


  2. Shadow, hey good to hear from you ! It's been awhile ! People stop in to say HI but it's a long time in-between visits ! Glad you got a hold on that Sepsis that is some bad shit, i lost a friend to it ! So i know what you have gone through. Please take care of your self & hope to see you around more often!!!



  3. Howdy i can keep your info & removal a secret as possible !

    Howdy and welcome to BestTechie !!!  

    My name is flashh4 (Chuck) and i will be assisting you with the cleaning of your computer.

    Run these 1 at a time & post each log as you get it ! Work them as your time permits you to !!

    If you don't understand something, please don't hesitate to ask for clarification before proceeding !!! You can PM me if you need to !!

    Perform all actions in the order given.

    Please stay with us until we give you the "All Clean Speech"! Just because the problem has stopped it may still need some clean-up !  

    Do Not Remove anything or run any tools/programs until advised to do so !

    Please note that all instructions given are customized for this computer only, the tools used may cause damage if used on a computer with different infections.  

    If you think you have similar problems, please post a log in the Malware Removal forum and wait for help.


    These Programs are set to run on Firefox browser !
    If using "Edge" browser formerly Internet Explorer Right click the link and
    chose "Save traget as" then  Click Desktop >>> then Click "Save " it will be placed on desktop go there and open & run it !


    Farbar Recovery Scan Tool (FRST) Scan
    * Please download Farbar Recovery Scan Tool (x32) >>> http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/download/farbar-recovery-scan-tool/dl/81/
        or Farbar Recovery Scan Tool (x64)  >>>http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/download/farbar-recovery-scan-tool/dl/82/  and save the file to your Desktop.
    * Note: Download and run the version compatible with your system (32 or 64-bit). Download both if you're unsure; only one will run.
    * Right-Click FRST.exe / FRST64.exe and select Run as administrator to run the programme.
    * Click Yes to the disclaimer.
    * Ensure the Addition.txt box is checked.
    * Click the Scan button and let the programme run.
    * Upon completion, click OK, then OK on the Addition.txt pop up screen.
    * Two logs (FRST.txt & Addition.txt) will now be open on your Desktop. Copy the contents of both logs and paste in your next reply.

    Send me those logs when done !!




  4. Driver update tools don't distinguish between a genuine update and merely a 'version' update that supports later hardware that you don't have. There are different sections for different hardware all in the one driver in many cases.
    The section for your older hardware never actually changes.
    After say a year drivers are not updated, they should function correctly.

    Why download something you don't need, it's just using space on your hard drive !! I have never used one just get them from the manufacture or through Windows ! !

    My Laptop & Desk model manufacturers updates now come via Windows updates !!


  5. Happy B Day to Jeff Weisbein (Besttechie) our owner & President who keeps this place going under difficult times !! Thank him for having a site where you can post almost anything !!

    Thanks Jeff


  6. Sorry Percolate but Chrome is the easiest of all browsers to hack, proven fact ! The E that is on W10 is not Internet Explorer it is Edge ! MS has stepped up their game to make it a very reliable browser ! But i still prefer FF new browser "Quantum" !! Performance and Speed. Mozilla claims that Firefox Quantum is twice as fast as its predecessors and loads web pages faster and uses 30% less memory than Chrome. ... Quantum is definitely faster than previous versions of Firefox, but even in Mozilla's tests, it only beats Chrome by fractions about half the time. When any amount of time counts !!