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  1. RIP Sultan .................... Chuck
  2. Groocy this isn't about videos, this is about the "Security for Windows" ! Chuck
  3. Thanks chief !! Hope you are well ..... doing good here ! Talked with a MS rep he said the chances are very slim for it to infect the newer versions of W10 !! Chuck
  4. Howdy annamirren welcome to Besttechie Forums, we hope you enjoy your stay & your contribution will help make our place better ! Chuck
  5. Howdy Tamera Madera welcome to Besttechie Forums, we hope you enjoy your stay & your contribution will help make our place better ! Chuck
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    New Members

    Once again may i remind you >>>>> Please make our jobs as Admin's easier by trying to place your post into appropriate topics ! This way we don't have to move them or delete ! Thanks & enjoy your stay here ! Chuck
  7. Howdy Russell18 and welcome to the forum. We hope you enjoy your stay & contribute to our board ! This is where i upgraded my computer many moons ago ! Read through the article & then start with #4 to begin the download & install ! It's really easy so just follow the instructions ! https://www.tenforums.com/tutorials/2267-upgrade-windows-10-a.html for update W7,W8,W8.1 Please let me know if you have any problems & if it goes smoothly ! Thanks Chuck
  8. Howdy and welcome to BestTechie, we hope you enjoy your stay here & contribute to our boards ! Your post caught my eye first thing this morning because i believe in a great education, people should do a lot of investigating before committing to a school or work place ! The time you spend will make a difference in the long run !! Chuck
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    Hi guys

    Becky6, you do realize this is a 10 year old post !! Chuck
  10. Waterfox is a newer browser which is like FireFox !! Waterfox is based on Firefox ESR. ... Overall, using Waterfox is basically just like using Firefox ESR and changing a few settings…with one big difference: security updates arrive in Firefox ESR much faster than they do in Waterfox. Think i will stick with Quantum (FF) until Waterfox has been out longer & is tested more !! Chuck
  11. Remember people these are ads supplied by these people who may or may not be connected with these sites, so take your time and & do some investigating !! Chuck
  12. Howdy Andrew Lincoln & welcome to the forum ! Windows 10 comes with it's own protection, if you want to stop some of the Ransomeware the best is the paid version from Malwarebytes ! Chuck
  13. This is a 5 yr. old post !! Chuck
  14. They said bank cards would fade out long ago, it hasn't & prob never will ! Chuck
  15. There are ways to get around blocked web site ! And there are legal gambling in USA !! Chuck