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  1. wow that verizon one really sucks !! that comcast in atlanta is awesome, im gonna try to get comcast where im moving and hope for the best ! thanks guys
  2. thanks, i dont think they have qwest in orlando, i think the dsl they have there is sprint and maybe bellsouth fast access. i dont know what im gonna do
  3. well im going to be living in 32792 which is winter park FL the zip code sections to the east and south of me are orlando so its kinda weird lol thanks for your help, i found some like road runner or comcast which is what i have now. but maybe you can find better ones. i would like to be over 800mb upload at least thanks Justin
  4. thanks bubba for the website ill go look now and garmanma, i really have no idea whats avail there but there might be some that i have never heard of that are here even so hopefully i can find out . im looking at the page bubba put on here and im finding some reviews pretty helpful stuff but i have one question, when they say i have a 10/1 service does that mean 10 mbps download and 1mbps upload thanks guys Justin
  5. hey everyone im new to this website, just found it today. I am moving to orlando very soon and im interested in getting the best internet service possible, well without paying a lot of money. I have Comcast right now in south florida and its pretty good but the upload speed is not that great its about 350k with download around 4.2 mb. i usually use my internet a lot for playing xbox 360 on xbox live and upload speeds affect hosting and such, so im looking for an internet service that has very good upload speeds. thanks if anyone can help me out ! Justin