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  1. the number didn't work, and this is what i get once, ive clicked yes on a previous message box, that say that my copy of windows must be activated for me to log on. 1.bmp
  2. ok, i know the question is kinda dumb,but im in a country where there is no actual microsoft offices, so how can i contact them?
  3. Ok here's the deal, i have a toshiba protege 3500, im using windows xp tablet edition, i don't know how, it said my windows activation period had expired!!! When i accept to activate windows. I get a message windows is already activated!!! If i click th ok button it automatically logs me off!! Cant reinstall windows cause it says my serial is not valid(the one that comes with the laptop), i also tried an upgrade to windows xpsp2, legal copy, and it gave me the same error!! Any sort of help will be appreciated!!! Thankx in advenced.