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  1. Darrenkook

    What Are You Too Afraid To Do?

    Chappy..that is some insight!! I am afraid of being on a ladder or on a roof that is 10 ft high, but am not the least big anxious about flying and parasailed on Lake George...200 ft in the air, only a rope pulling me from a boat that I could barely see...I always wondered why with this fear, the higher I am, the less it bothers me...Thanks!!
  2. Darrenkook

    New Lcd I'm Looking At Buying

    Will do!!!
  3. Darrenkook

    New Lcd I'm Looking At Buying

    Thanks for the input...Sorry I put it in the wrong place.....
  4. Looking for a new LCD monitor. I have a 4 yr old 17" Samsung and time for a new one..I saw this at Newegg. I checked around other sites for others with the same specs and can't find any close in price which makes me a bit nervous..If anyone has time, can you look at this and tell me if it's something you would buy for this price. I'm not a gamer, but would like to get more up to date on resolution advances... http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16824009087 PS.. I have a dell dimension 2350 running XP pro...
  5. Darrenkook

    Will You Listen?

    Of course I will listen......just let us know when..... Forgot to ask...I have iTunes...where do I find it.. (what category/name)
  6. Darrenkook

    New From A-squared

    Haven't tried it yet..but love new free stuff from a trusted site...gonna give it a whirl
  7. Darrenkook

    Happy Birthday Darrenkook And Subwolf

    Thanks everyone!!!!
  8. Darrenkook

    A Squared

    Just an update...as I thought it is a F/P..I deleted it from A2 and guess what happened?? Couldn't get on mIRC chat. Just had to download it again.....
  9. Darrenkook

    A Squared

    Yeah, I saw that, but never had Kazaa and don't have any of those registry entries...just don't want to delete it from A2 in case it is a F/P and lose my chat exe.
  10. Darrenkook

    A Squared

    Hi all!! A Squared keeps finding Mirc.exe as malware...I keep ignoring it. Has anyone else had this problem?? Sorry if this was posted already...Been incapacitated for a while and haven't caught up on posts in a while...
  11. Darrenkook

    Welcome Bluescreen2

    Welcome Bluescreen2. You are going to love it here!! Friendly and very helpful folks here!!!
  12. Darrenkook

    We Have A Birthday Today.

    Happy Birthday!! Have a great one!!
  13. Darrenkook

    Disk Cleanup

    OR..I usually use one of these programs instead..Based on when the last time you used the Windows disk cleaner..it can take some time..... Diskcleaner or EasyCleaner Both of these work great..and easy cleaner has a registery cleaner and more..good luck..
  14. Darrenkook


    Congrats Jeff!!! Have said it many times..This is a great place to be..I'm proud to be a member of this ever growing family!!