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    Thanks bro, Have a good Xmas & new year
  2. Yeah also it would be more work for the mods to keep an eye on even more sections added to the forum so yeah maybe now just a Pc support section is best.
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    Thanks people!
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    Thankyou sir. Merry xmas to you.
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    Thankyou and merry xmas!
  6. Hmm looks like im gonna stick with Xp then until i get a new computer then....My comps starting to show its age No it cant be....Im sure you we be able to play DX9 games on a DX10 card. Im actualy saving up for a new pc anyway...But i wont be getting it yet because i want to see what AMD come out with now that Intel have those beefy Core 2 duos and soon Quad core. So AMD must make something better soon. Im not a AMD fan its just that ive mostly only had AMD systems. Only ever had 1 Intel Pc
  7. Yeah well obviusly its totaly up to you. I mean personaly i think the looks & are much better in seperate sections because its easier to use and help people But if thats how they like it thats fine. Actualy now thinking about adding all those sections i mentioned....It could make the forum realy long. Like you would be scroling down the page for 5 mins before it comes to the bottom of the forum Either way the forums still great.
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    Ho Ho Ho

    Yeah merry christmas and a happy new year everyone!
  9. Hello people, I have a suggestion,Now forgive me if this has already been suggested before but i think it would be much better and easier to use if you had a Seperate Operating Systems section. Like for example: Do you understand what i mean? So if people need help with Windows Xp then they can post it in the Windows xp section instead of posting it in the " PC Support " Like i have had to do with a post for vista just a few minuites ago.
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    Thanks for the warm welcome Besttechie
  11. Hello people, Im gonna be getting Windows Vista Ultimate when its released. How well do you guys think it will run on my system? My computer specs are in my sighniture. I know my comp is quite outdated now but its played everything ive thrown at it. Ive ran the Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor and it said my comp passed to run it so... What you guys think....Also will Vista be ok for gaming on? I play alot of games. Thanks
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    Hello everyone. My names Shane but i like using the username Sempron Ive been looking for a decent forum for ages and finaly found one! .......BestTechie Forums! So yeah thats my intro...See you around the forum. Sempron