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  1. ok, I got a file I need to get rid of, it is currently set at Read only and because of it I can't delete it, even in Root, so my question is how do I change the permission so I can delete it? Current setting are drwxr-xr-r everytime I try to remove it I get permission denied Read Only. It' s not a system file so I know I should be able to delete it.
  2. was the machine hooked up to the internet?? usually popups from winfixer are associated with being hooked to the net. depends on which version of the winfixer ad system they have.
  3. shanenin posted here because it's the forum he calls home. He is one of our Linux Experts and he trusts the answers that our community can give him in regards to these type of topics. Since we don't have our own HJT training program here, everyone who does HJT logs get's their training from either tomcoyote, SWI, or Geekstogo. I am a member at all three, I went to through my training at TC and SWI. then I helped make Geekstogo training the way it is now. As I see it there is no harm in the question being asked here versus asking at TC. We have people who are members of most of these types of boards and they will go get their questions answered at the forum they are most comfortable asking them at. This is no offense to you, or your comments. We would never consider turning a question away. I'm glad to see that Shanenin is taking a proactive route to learning this type of info. And he can feel free to ask any of us here for our input on something he isn't familiar with, just like anyone else. As Matt stated, we won't diagnose HJT logs for a commercial business but if the computer owner wants us to take a look at it, by posting it here themselves, then we will be happy to help with that.
  4. At the rate malware is currently being introduced to society, sometimes it is hard to keep up with what is going on. So coming to the forums like this one, is a necessary evil. There is no harm in asking questions to help understand an infection you are not familiar with. as for the asking and suggesting part, sorry Marty you got me confused on that one.
  5. Cool, very nce. I've been wanting to try out DSL for some time. I've got an old Pll 266 that would just rip with DSL. That would be fun:-) in the image, if you enlarge it enough, you can actually see the specs of disk space avialable and used. I have a 5gig hdd, and after partioning, installing, and adding programs, I still have 3.2 gig avialable. When I did the partition, I made my swap 1 gig in size, and then I have almost 800mb still free on my hdd should I decide to make a fat32 swap space.
  6. Hi shanenin, Matt jumped the gun a little bit as I could tell you weren't asking us to fix the problem but were rather asking for input in regards to what your customer was making the primary complaint about. Winfixer is classified as malware, to the extent that it is a Rogue product which uses deceptive advertising to make the computer user/owner buy the software. It also does what is commonly called a drive by download, even though the computer user doesn't click on a link to install the trial software, it can download it's adverts via google ad-sense and other routes. This is a very undesireable program and should be removed using specialized tools. Even though we don't help commercial companies fix customers machines, I would suggest that you go through one of the multitude of Hijack This training camps to help you understand malware and how to get rid of it. This will also help you further your knowledge by being able to help on the occasional logs here at besttechie and learn how this malware can get on someone's computer.
  7. the original DOS program, CP/M (Control Program/Monitor). (Control Program for Microcomputer), was created in 1973 by Gary Kildall. In February of 1979 Apple released DOS 3.2 which was a rewrite of CP/M. More info on this HERE
  8. my latest install, DamnSmallLinux using Fluxbox. all programs I need installed. This is a Debian install using the Woody repos. This is actually installed on my hdd, not using the livecd version
  9. hiya Marty, I would much rather have the fine, here in Iowa where I live, if you smack your kid around as punishment, you can not only get fined but also get upt 5 years for child abuse. as well as having your kids taken away from you. of course this is also dependent on whether or not there is a mark for longer then 24 hours. As far as I'm concerned this is another thing that will end up like domestic abuse charges, it will be over used and abused until someone gets sick enough to do something about it.
  10. i'm not sure, I know if I run vmlinuz, it kernel panics on me, but if I run the bzImage it works.
  11. absolutely nothing, I run the command and it goes right back to where I started from [email protected]:~$ sudo mount | grep /dev/hda1 [email protected]:~$
  12. I lucked out with the Nvidia drivers, they were pre-configured in the kernels .config file, which is now a bzimage. I don't foresee do any more kernel configuations in the future. one of the steps was to run sudo make install and it installed the vmlinuz, .config, and system.map for 2.6.16 all into /boot The only thing that isn't in /boot is the bzImage (kernel image) itself.
  13. this is the result I get. [email protected]:~$ sudo mount /dev/hda1 mount: /dev/hda1 already mounted or /media/windows busy
  14. If I recall correclty the EOL for XP support is slated for 1 year after Vista is released currently
  15. hopefully this will be my last question on this New Kernel issue. can I just move the bzImage to the boot file, and delete everything else, or do I need to keep it all?
  16. two problems actually, 1st, I didn't catch that I had it ext2 setup as the protocol instead of ext3 in kernel 2nd, I had the the root system route listed as a module, so it couldn't find the hdb root. when I run the cat command this is what I get [email protected]:~$ cat /src/linux-2.6.16/.config | grep -i ntfs CONFIG_NTFS_FS=y # CONFIG_NTFS_DEBUG is not set # CONFIG_NTFS_RW is not set I had to have it hardcoded into the Kernel otherwise I get a Kernel panick.
  17. Great news, it's working, plus I have use of my optical mouse, woohoo!!!! so not only did I learn something new, but I also fixed my mouse problem, and made a leaner Kernel new drawback, I now do not have access to my windows file, settings are the same as they were before in /etc/fstab the only thing I can think of is it's due to a fail status on loading the module for reading Windows.
  18. ok, so I went in and doublechecked my grub and found my error. Now when i go to start teh Kernel I get a Kernel panic here is the message i get: [17179571.220000] Kernel panic- not syncing: vfs unable to mount root fs on unkown-block (0,0)[17179571.220000] any ideas? first time I have ever gotten a Kernel panic so I'm not sure what I should do to resolve this. Edited Later: I went to a irc chat room where they help newbies do the Kernel, one of the members there helped troubleshoot the issue, I'm recompiling my Kernel now and will let you know if I have access or not.
  19. thanks Shanenin, I'll try what you and naruku posted in the other thread first. if we can't figure out what is wrong then I will do the switch.
  20. I find that hard to believe that he is full of it, first off, if you look in Windows you will see the db configs, Driver=C:\WINDOWS\System32\odbcjt32.dll Setup=C:\WINDOWS\System32\odbcjt32.dll Those are Oracle he has been dealing in DB's for 25 years, so if he is full of it, then blame his IT school.
  21. do I have to fix the MBR before installing LILO. or will LILO overwrite GRUB and remove it for me? or could I keep Grub and just set up the Menu.lst for it in DSL? All I can find is cases of changing from Lilo to Grub, not the other way around.
  22. well now I'm totally miffed, I just got through compiling the kernel and modules, set up grub to find the kernel, and I get a file does not exist error from grub. I know it's pointing to the correct place, so I'm thinking that I'm going to ditch Ubuntu until I get a new HDD for my linux installs. after I did the compilation and what not I know have approximately 1.5gig of HDD avialable and I dont' remember what all I installed to put this thing together. since I have such a small HDD, I have decided to go with DSL. It's Debian based, so I am familiar with the system. The only thing I don't particularly care for is that uses KDE instead of Gnome.
  23. Are you sure about that? MySQL is a GPL'd application, I would think MS would run into licensing issues. can't run into licensing issues if you change it enough where GPL isn't a status anymore. They use Oracle which is based off of mySQL. We have a locale Oracle office here. I talked to one of their Techs and he confirmed it. all it is, is MySQL rebranded and Licensed.