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    New Forum Open

    check your bookmarks, clear your cache, and cookies then try. I was just there and it was working fine.
  2. Dragon

    New Forum Open

    i'll turn the code off for 30 minutes once you register, send me a PM so that I can turn it back on. The code is to protect the forum and the users from spam bots.
  3. Dragon

    Playing The Sims 2?

    Sims 2 has not been programmed into Wine or Cedega at this time.
  4. Dragon

    Make Your Own Ethanol

    you might get yelled at, honked at, or even have someone "wave" at you. but yes it can be done.
  5. Dragon

    New Forum Open

    actually last i looked it was a 4.5:1 ration of guys to gals, but we just had another gal join today.
  6. Dragon

    Animation Thread

    ok, rather then throw this into the desktop one, or into my little this and a little that topic, i decided to start a new thread regarding Animated graphics. Whether it's flash or Gifs this is the thread we should throw them in. It seems our Graphic design forum is getting more and more animations then anything else. so without further ado, my latest addition to the animated graphics sector. The Mountain lake was made with Terregen, PSP9, Animation Shop 3, and Flash. The Rose was made with PSP9, Animation shop 3, and Flash. I used flash because it compresses them more than psp will. I will be making a Tut on how to make the Mountain Lake soon. Click Me!!
  7. Dragon

    New Forum Open

    yes we are still going to run amuck here.
  8. Dragon

    New Forum Open

    Thank you both for taking a look
  9. Dragon

    Banking Help

    like I said he would be hardpressed to find one where he is the sole "owner" of the account.
  10. Dragon

    Cell Phone

    do you know what bluetooth technology is??? It's a wireless connection, but it doesn't use the same level of wireless connectivity as a wireless home LAN system. If you want that then you need to make your computer bluetooth compliant. here is more info. http://www.howstuffworks.com/bluetooth.htm
  11. Dragon

    Rant Ver. 2.0

    These are the reasons I refuse to live in a sub-division. My wife and I argue about this all the time, she wants a nice neighborhood where you can't paint your house unless it's a certain color, if you re-roof your house, the shingles have to be a certain color etc... I grew up in neighborhood where you owned the house, you did what you wanted with it as long as it wasn't an eyesore, and there were a couple of those too. My feelings are simple, I paid 140,000 to 200,000 for the house I should be able to do what I want with it. If they want to tell me how my house and yard should look, they can pay the mortgage!!! and i told neigborhood association that point blank when they denied me the right to buy a house because I didn't meet their "income requirements" to live there. As I walked out of the aldermans house I told him to shove his rules up his $%&$ a$$
  12. Dragon

    Make Your Own Ethanol

    Pete, not to bash the reports you reported earlier in regards to making ethanol, here in Iowa most of our farmers use biosdiesal, which in Iowa is 70% soybean extract. They just built a new ethanol refinery down the road from me in the next town over. took them 1 year to build it, and it supplies enough ethanol to fill 3000 cars with the 85% blend every month. flash4, the 85% blend is selling here for $1.89/gallon and the state is currently offering anyone who buys a flex-fuel vehicle a $5000 tax credit on their first annual tax filing after buying it. in reference to the Hybrids, I used to sell Honda's and I sold a lot of the hybrids before the gas prices went apeshit, thanks to the oil companies screwing everyone over. Battery packs on the Honda's have a life expectancy of 5 years, which is the average lifespan of anyone owning any one car. they had a 5 year warranty, no mileage was applied to it. teh battery packs sell for $1200 plus labor. Air conditioning is included standard, and yes it does shut down the compressor when the engine cuts out. However, for the average person running the A/C it doesn't shut down long enough to cause it to heat up in the car, unless your at a railroad crossing for a long train, or some idiot is controling the stop lights manually and isn't paying attention to the time limit like they should. course that is based on upper midwest weather where the A/C isn't used as often as it is in Texas. I talked to a number of my customers after they bought the car, and believe it or not they said they had been averaging more then the mileage stated on the sticker. One customer said she was hitting around 45 MPG in city and 63 MPG on the highway. However she also said that that was in part to the fact, unlike some people, she doesn't do jack rabbit starts, and she keeps the car at the posted speed limit. she traded a Toyata hybrid in for the Honda Civic hybrid because the Toyato never hit the estimated mileage the sticker said it would, driving the same way she does with the Civic. In Colorado all the taxis, and city vehicles are ran on Propane during gas hikes like we have now. Personally I can't wait for these hydorgen powered cars to make it big, I think that will put a tremendous hit on the oil companies. Uh, what vehicles are we talking here? I doubt auto makers would go to the trouble of creating, and marketing flex-fuel vehicles if vehicles already ran on 85% or 100% ethanol. Pete, good point with the A/C issue. I'd never thought about that before. Hmm, why hasn't that been mentioned in the hybrid commercials? because the ethanol burns hotter, which is also part of the reason that the fuel mileage sucks, certain vehicles won't be able to run the 85% blend. Then engine blocks will melt because of the low quality aluminum used in them, primarely these are cars built before 1998. although my little '94 Escort GT can run it, albeit I don't for the bad gas mileage.
  13. Dragon

    Banking Help

    as a 15 year old, you will be hard pressed to find a bank that will give you a checking account. That is the same as signing a contract which is null and void until the person reaches the age of 18 and is legally classified as an adult by standard law. you can have a savings account with a parent assigned as guardian that allows you to withdraw monies without a parent being present, however a lot of banks with guardianship accounts require a parent to co-sign the withdrawl slip. so basically, until you reach 18 don't count on getting a checking account. although you might find a bank that will give you one, you will still need your mother or father along to open the account.
  14. Dragon

    Self Evaluation

    It's a childrens show on PBS channels that is made in the UK.
  15. Dragon

    "msn 9" Download

    Windows XP can install msn explorer on the system when you install it. just look under start>control panel> add/remove programs then click on the add/remove windows components button on the left. In the new window that opens up you will see MSN explorer about 6 spots down.
  16. Dragon

    Keylogger Suggestions?

    are you sure those temps are in Farenheight? most temps are registered in Celsius on computers not Farenheight.
  17. Dragon

    Power Supply Needed

    I have about 40 different styles of ps units, all ranging from 1988 to the present, so I might have one regardless. The sad part is there won't be a way to get a new one, it will have to be a used one since, thank god, they don't make them like that anymore. Any one need a ps for the original Apple ][ computer, I know I have one of those.
  18. when you're used to one program it's hard to "convert" to a similar one that uses different syntaxes. glad I could help though.
  19. Dragon

    Power Supply Needed

    shanenin, If you can find out any dimension specs on that ps, let me know, I may have one in my stock. generally those were 100W or 150W ps units.
  20. Dragon

    Animation Thread

    thanks, I just re-uploaded it since the original one you saw didn't have all text properly embedded
  21. Dragon

    Animation Thread

    56k WARNING ON THIS POST. it's a little large, I still have to trim it down, however here is the latest animation I did. If your on dialup please be patient while it loads so you can see it, this thing is approximately 3mb in size. Click Me!!
  22. Dragon

    Flash Help Needed

    sorry got a little sidetracked, in the process of moving again, so I have to delay it for now, currently I am running into a problem getting the action script to work correctly, but I haven't completely given up.
  23. Dragon

    Winlogon Freezes My Computer[INACTIVE]

    your log is clean, as for the slow startup that could be attributed to your Mcafee antivirus program. are you running the mcafee firewall with that system also? winlogon could be maxing out because of webroot spysweeper. although that is rare unless you are on a older computer using a pentium 1 or 2 processor. just to be sure, could you please Download: StartDreck from: http://www.niksoft.at/download/startdreck.htm Extract the file into c:\startdreck. Navigate to c:\startdreck and double-click on Startdreck.exe When the program opens click on the Config button. Then click on the unmark all button. Put checkmarks in the following checkboxes: Under Registry put a checkmark in the Run Keys checkbox. Under System/Drivers put a check in the Running Proccess checkbox. Press the OK button. Press the Save button. Type in the location you want to save the log to, or use the defaults which will save the log into the directory you are running the program from. If you choose the defaults the filename for the log will be StartDreck.log. and then post the startdreck log in your next reply.
  24. ya know you can use OOo in Windows XP also right? If I had caught this when you first posted it I would have gotten it done the same day. sorry for the delay on that.
  25. Dragon

    Hjt Log[RESOLVED]

    Since this issue appears to be resolved ... this Topic has been closed. Glad we could help. If you're the topic starter, and need this topic reopened, please contact a staff member with the address of the thread. Everyone else please begin a New Topic.