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  1. Dragon

    Frontpage 2003 Assistance

    an online area for tutorials would also be going to http://www.pixel2life.com
  2. Dragon

    Ie Firefox Color Difference

    IE still hasn't adapted the PNG stnadards. to make it work properly with PNG you need to make sure you use sanctioned websafe colors. Thats IE sanctioned web safe colors. MS has their own set of rules that they want everyone else to follow. anyway, the way I got it to work was by doing a little blending on teh edge of the PNG file. that way when IE changed the file color code, it still blended with the logo.
  3. Dragon

    Flash Help Needed

    sorry Honky Buzz, Been Busy with real life, I was unable to get an answer from the ariginal creator of the website to see if he would be willing to share his code. It seems like lately I have been busy with keeping my employers websites more in tune then anything else, I will see what I can come up with.
  4. Dragon

    Gas Price Talk Radio

    $2.29 for 10% ethenol mixture here. and dropping steadily at about 2 cents a day. hopefully at this rate we might be at or below $2/gallon in the next week or so.
  5. try the webhosting I offer, never been offline for anything in the last year and a half I have had my site. Info here $9 domain registration a year and hosting plans starting at $5/month. perfect for the starting website. If you can't afford the domain reg or hosting cost, you might look at using a free host, Yes I know they have ads, until you can afford it.
  6. Dragon

    Making Animated Gifs

    hi ryry, I can help out a little bit on that, however it is a bit tricky. open the MPEG with windows movie maker, or even better use flash if yo have it, this will split the movie up into indiviual frames, next take the frames you want to use for animation and copy them into separate files. for example frame1.jpg, frame2.jpg, frame3.jpg etc... I wouldn't use more then 3 or 4 frames at the most. next open a program like Animation shop 3, part of the Corel Paint Shop pro programming system, and use the images you saved from windows movie maker as the images for the animation. Make the necessary adjustments for time and sequence, and there you go. you just made an avatar or sig out of a MPEG.
  7. Dragon

    Aol Cancellation Question

    Once you cancel your account yoru e-mail is cancelled also.
  8. Dragon

    The Besttechie's Pool

    Don't look at me. I'm heading to Wisconsin in about 40 miinutes.
  9. Dragon

    The Besttechie's Pool

    Suuuuuuuurrrrrreeeee, Now he installs the pool as I'm getting ready to go on vacation!!!!
  10. Dragon

    The Gimp

    how about the entire Adobe creative suite Plus training DVDs for $399. http://www.academicsuperstore.com/item/?tn...e+Suite+Premium you qualify if you are in school. Preston i've got a feeling if he can't afford $500 for Adobe, then he might not be able to afford $400 for it either. Course I could be wrong.
  11. Dragon

    What's Your Opinion?

    a person in america that you can understand when you call for the warranty to be used?????
  12. Dragon

    The Gimp

    how about the entire Adobe creative suite Plus training DVDs for $399. http://www.academicsuperstore.com/item/?tn...e+Suite+Premium you qualify if you are in school. Preston i've got a feeling if he can't afford $500 for Adobe, then he might not be able to afford $400 for it either. Course I could be wrong.
  13. Dragon

    Happy Father's Day

    happy Fathers Day
  14. Dragon

    The Gimp

    for your sidebar have it display the layers panel, the eyedropper is in the toolbar panel However, this might help you understand The Gimp a little more. Groking The Gimp this is a comprehensive tutorial on using The Gimp.
  15. Dragon

    Website Issue

    it may be a site that is blocked by your ISP. Like bubba said, you're not missing much by not getting to it. from what I am seeing two steps have to be done for you to "make money" on it. refer people daily, and complete offers from their partner companies. Generally you are paying more money out doing this then you are bringing in. your choice, but I would recommend avoiding that site like you would the plague.
  16. Dragon

    New M$ Annoyance

    After installing SP2 did you try to re-install DirectX 9.0c? I had a similar issue when I originally put on SP2, re-installing DirectX took care of that for me. What has a tendancy to happen is the SP2 update corrupts the DirectX driver. If you have tried that, then i would recommend uninstalling DirectX, and your Nvidia drivers. install SP2, then reinstall both DirectX and nvidia. to see if that helps take care of it. i would also recommend installing the Nvidia driver before the DirectX , that way you don't have to worry about the new Nvidia driver corrupting the DirectX install. that software is easy to screw up, just installing pacific fighters on my machine forced me to reinstall DirectX.
  17. Dragon

    New M$ Annoyance

    to my knowledge the only way to defeat that star is to upgrade to SP2. You say it doesn't work correctly with SP2 installed, what happens???
  18. ok, I'm setting up a local server on my machine so that I can test PHP based web designs. I have successfully installed Apache I can get it working with no problems. Now I am trying to install PHP 4.4.2 into it, but when I follow the directions as supplied by both Apache and PHP.net it won't install. any help would greatly appreciated.
  19. Dragon

    Can't Get Php To Install Into My Home Server

    heh, Windows xp home, I knew I forgot some info. I tried it for 3 days in a row making sure I followed the instructions on the site, still won't work. I know I must be missing something.
  20. Dragon

    Thought Process For Hjt

    ok so those cookies definately need to go, however you have O3's, an O2, and an O4 helping keep those on there. don't be afraid to google those that you're not sure about.
  21. Dragon

    Post Your Desktop?

    kewl, I wasn't sure if you used psp or ps, so I just kinda left it hangin lol.
  22. Dragon


    nice page, although I personally don't care for the music, but thats because I don't like that type of music. you should have an opiton to turn that off when the page loads.
  23. Dragon

    Post Your Desktop?

    thats awesome. was that done with just terragen and PS?
  24. Dragon

    New Forum Open

    hey all, Not trying to spam here, just letting you all know that you are welcome to come to a new forum that has the same outlook at BT does. We are still working out a few kinks, however I have a great Mod Staff in place already and will probably keep the same basic setup as we do here. Please feel free to check it out, if you want, http://www.iabusinessprojects.com/forums All are welcome.