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  1. but can you set it up to not use the flash in low light environments? I'm not familiar with your camera thats the only reason I ask. I'm not slamming digital Cameras, or tech, I'm just pointing out what i know works best imho for a screen capture on a Camera. Not everyone can afford the more expensive Digital Cameras that have those options.
  2. nice Hanplane, I presume thats done on Photoshop?
  3. if you want a decent application, that allows you make or use templates, I would recommend Open Office, It's free and can save your work in most MS file types. Plus it comes with the ability to download specific templates from their site. It may be a little bulky for disk space usage, but it's worth it IMHO. I use it for all my Business forms, letters, etc...
  4. you can use the setup wizard and try to set up a connection. the other option would be if you have a wireless router in the house, get some cat5 cable and use one of the ports on it. you won't be mobile, but you would have an increase in your connection specs.
  5. you say your computer meets the minimum requirements, There is a possibility that their minimum requirements are incorrect. your cd or dvd rom might not meet the requirements that the disks actually use. Another possibility is your drive(s) are dying, it happens.
  6. do you use the camera's flash when taking the images? If so, thats what is killing the image. The anti-glare coating on the monitor is causing the glass to reflect the flash so all you get is a black image. The only way to get an image from a computer monitor, thats useable without flickering, is with a film based 35mm camera, 400 speed film, F6 to F8 exposure time. It seems the Digital Revolution has met it's match, and old tech can still win.
  7. ok, rather then throw this into the desktop one, or into my little this and a little that topic, i decided to start a new thread regarding Animated graphics. Whether it's flash or Gifs this is the thread we should throw them in. It seems our Graphic design forum is getting more and more animations then anything else. so without further ado, my latest addition to the animated graphics sector. The Mountain lake was made with Terregen, PSP9, Animation Shop 3, and Flash. The Rose was made with PSP9, Animation shop 3, and Flash. I used flash because it compresses them more than psp will. I will be making a Tut on how to make the Mountain Lake soon. Click Me!!
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    Animated Sig

    Much Better, it's not just for me, I'm looking out for our other members too. better safe then sorry. Hope you understand.
  9. Thats not hard to do when you figure geeksquad charges $225 just to come clean out the crapware in computers. and half the time when it comes to computer repair, they come to your house figure out whats wrong with it, then take it back to BestBuy to get it fixed. When GeekSquad first started back in the mid-90's in California, they came to your house or business with all the parts necessary to fix a computer, whether it was a Laptop or Desktop, they had it all, mobo's, ram, hdd's, CPU's etc.... Now that they are owned by BestBuy, they don't come with half the stuff they need, so it ends up costing the customer more in the end.
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    Animated Sig

    ya know, I can appreciate the work you put into that. Even though I don't have epilepsy, and I do know personal friends that do, even that once you decided to got with has given me a headache, as well as made me extremely lightheaded. Not sure if it's the color combo you have going with the LEDs around the edge, or just the rotating blinking. I'm not begrudging your handywork with PS, but for safety's sake I might ask that you change that sig soon, if it's affecting me who knows what it might do to someone that does have Epilepsy.
  11. my personal opinion go with the Nvidia card, Connectors for the AGP slot, plus the original card is an nvidia chipset.
  12. nice I will have to remember that if i need anytime
  13. Since this issue appears to be resolved ... this Topic has been closed. Glad we could help. If you're the topic starter, and need this topic reopened, please contact a staff member with the address of the thread. Everyone else please begin a New Topic.
  14. Ok, the Admin team has made a decision after I got some input from the OP, This topic is now reopened, I have removed unnecessary comments and posts to prevent issues. This will not be turned into a flame fest. no further comments regarding what happened earlier will be tolerated. This post will stay open until such time as deemed necessary by the Admin Team.
  15. I am temporarily closing this subject for further review, please be patient while myself and the other admins review this issue.
  16. I am leaning towards a false positive on Ewido's part. If CWShredder didn't find anything, then it seems there is nothing to be worried about. have you tried spybot: Search And Destroy? It also will detect coolwebsearch if you have it on your machine. Never rely on only one program. Try spybot, if you haven't already, and let me know if it detects it. if you don't have Avast on your machine anymore, then aswboot.exe would not have been on your computer from that program.
  17. No I havent, but I will do, thanks marty. You dont think it is actually a vital folder, and criple my system if i lose it do you? it is a vital folder, that is the gateway to where your browser cache and cookies are stored using contentIE5 folder. My issue about this though, That shouldn't have an info in it since he doesn't connect to the net with it. the ContenIE5 folder doesn't store anything unless you go on the internet. The only thing on that thread, that could possibly coincide with this issue, is the Index.Dat file being messed up.
  18. it's not adviseable to remove IE from WinXP, it is connected to your main shell. if that gets screwed up then you have to eitehr do a IE repair or reinstall the system.
  19. if it had been the legit aswboot it should have been located here C:\programfiles\alwils~1\avast4\aswboot.exe To test that they didn't change locations, when you rebooted your computer did you get any error messages about Avast not starting properly?
  20. Just on a side note, I also know that flash is not yet available for 64bit systems. and last I knew Macromedia had no intention of jumping on the 64 bit bandwagon for at least another 2 to 5 years for any of their programs. Although some 32 bit apps will work. they don't currently have any plans of making 64bit only versions. This, last I knew, was also the thoughts of other companies such as Adobe, Corel, and I also know there are other software manufacturers that aren't planning on jumping on to the 64 bit tech bandwagon. a lot of them will be waiting for a higher demand before they release their software for that technology.
  21. well, you have a hidden email worm working here. which we will get taken care of. However, i am seeing no signs of CoolWebSearch. Please reboot into safe mode (continually tap the F8 key while your system is starting, select Safe Mode from the menu). Be sure you're able to view hidden files, and remove the following files in bold (if found): C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\aswBoot.exe Next we need to remove the Registry Entry. Important: It is strongly recommended that you back up the registry before making any changes to it. Incorrect changes to the registry can result in permanent data loss or corrupted files. Modify the specified keys only. Read the document, "How to make a backup of the Windows registry," for instructions. 1. Click Start > Run. 2. Type regedit Then click OK. 3. Navigate to the key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet Services 4. In the left pane, delete the subkey: "Xuy v palto" 5. Exit the Registry Editor. Then reboot the machine, going back into Safe mode, and get a new winpfind log and post that in this thread.
  22. ok, lets see if we can find it, do you have more then one user account on the machine? Download WindPFind Extract WinPFind.zip to your c:\ folder. Reboot your computer into Safe Mode Then open c:\WinPFind and double-click on WinPFind.exe. When the program is open, click on the Start Scan button to start scanning your computer. Be patient as this scan may take a while. When it is done, it will show a log and tell you the scan is completed. Reboot your computer back to normal mode and and post the contents of c:\WinPFind\WinPFind.txt as a reply to this topic.
  23. that answered my question. Please go offline, close all browsers and any open Windows, making sure that only HijackThis is open. Scan and when it finishes, put an X in the boxes, only next to these following items, then click fix checked. F2 - REG:system.ini: UserInit=userinit.exe Reboot your PC. If you would please, rescan with HijackThis and post a fresh log in this same topic, and let us know how your system's working.
  24. ok, that looks a lot better. I only see one problem file, off the top of my head, have a question though, do you use this computer to debug a winserver?