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  1. Now, just one more question. This worked great in 98SE. Now, I find I might be getting a used computer from a friend with XP on it. Will Ccleaner work the same for it? Should anything be done differently? If I get this, I want to get rid of all the index.dat, temp files, etc. from a previous user (I don't care about viewing them...just want to get rid of them). Thanks for any help
  2. Well, you did it again, Terrorist I followed your directions and it worked great. Much appreciated. Thanks, too, to garmanma for posting the link...made it much easier.
  3. Hi. Haven't been around awhile because the computer's running pretty smooth (thanks to your help in the past ) However, I have recommended your site to several people with spyware problems. I hope they came here for help instead of trying it by themselves. Well, all I can do is recommend...what they do is up to them. Anyway, I'm trying to clean a bunch of crap out of my computer, and have done all the manual stuff. Now, all I have left is index.dat. I've read that it's a simple procedure in 98SE, but all I can find are tutorials for XP (I tried your search feature). What I've read is that I can boot into MS DOS and clear them out with the command line. Problem is, I've never booted into MS DOS mode, and don't know what commands to enter. I've also read that if I delete the index.dat folder, windows will create a new, empty one the next time I log on. Can anyone shed some light on this for me? Thanks for any help....
  4. Please be advised that the games I'm about to post about used to be just fine. This is only in the last month or so. I use the ATI Radeon 7500 video card. In the past, I was able to run games with no problem on display. Now, for some games I have to go to my ATI Properties and manually lighten the screen, then they're OK. However, I have 3 games that used to be OK, but now are too dark no matter what I do. I've tried lightening the display properties (see screenshot at -- you may have to run your cursor over the pic, then click on the box that appears lower right to get full-size) Even setting both sliders at maximum (way too light for anything else), the games are still too dark. One of them is Myst Exile III, and it used to look great. I went to Start > Run, and typed in dxdiag. When the Direct X (version 8.0) screen came up, I ran the diagnostics, and all seems OK. I have also set the monitor at 100% brightness and contrast. Can anyone think of anything else I can try? Thanks for any thoughts....
  5. I've looked through some posts, but so far haven't found anything. I've heard that starting in February, AVG will no longer be free. Does anyone know for sure and, if so, will it affect updates for existing AVG users? Thanks for any info.....
  6. I use OE6, and have AVG w/email scanner (always kept updated). I'm not sure what he uses. Could be a couple of days to find out. No problem if they move it. At the time of posting, I wasn't sure if it was malware-related. Like I said, it doesn't seem to be causing any problems....probably just an anti-spam program on his end.
  7. Thanks, Jim I'll just ignore it. Doesn't seem to be causing any problems, so you're probably right.
  8. I have a friend who's email replies always puts the word [sPAM] in front of the subject. It does not do it when he sends an email to me, but only when he replies to one I've sent. For instance, a subject line in his email reply to me may show up as: [sPAM] Re: My email to him. Does this indicate malware, virus, trojan or some other problem? Thanks for any thoughts....
  9. Thanks, shanein....that's it Much appreciated.....
  10. I'm used to getting a popup when I log into a site (Windows offering to remember passwords), and I never check the part that says not to offer to remember any more passwords. However, I was in a hurry and -- without thinking -- I checked it then logged in. Now I realize that Windows won't offer to remember any more passwords, but I want it to. Is there a way to undo it?
  11. Just one more reason I run only IE6 (w/all updates and security programs in place, and keep them current)....and use a small, local ISP. It's $20/month, but whenever I've had to call them, within minutes I'm talking to a live technician, and they've always been very patient as they talked me through the problem. A couple of times they weren't available right then, but called me back in less than an hour. For me, I'll stick with the locals.....maybe a bit high during the year, but when I need them, they're there.....and I know they're not in Bangladesh, or the Philippines, or wherever
  12. Nice pic! Looks like a happy bunch....glad to see that in this day and age
  13. Well, thought I'd resurrect this thread to say I'm back to 98SE....permanently....until such time as I can afford a new computer. This is not to say I don't appreciate all the help I got from many of you in upgrading to XP....I really DO appreciate it. However, I don't think it was the advice I got or the actions I took that caused the problem. I believe it to be a hardware issue. I kept having video problems, and when it crashed it kept saying my video card has a problem and is causing the system instability (Radeon 7500). I went to the ATI site looking for a newer driver, and found it (didn't d/l it....just bookmarked the site). Then, I read a post by someone else having problems installing the same driver I found. In fact, that user ended up reformatting....couldn't resolve the issue. So, considering how many reformats I've already done, and have installed XP twice (counting two other times about a year ago....I'm out of activations), and considering that this computer has other compatibility issues with XP (audio and printer, to name two), I just don't think this system is going to work right with XP. I have now reformatted (again), and reinstalled 98SE. It's now stable again, and not having any problems. I'll admit it isn't as fast, and the appearance isn't as good, but it works. So, it's time for the old mechanic's rule: If it works, don't fix it! Still, I've got all the 98SE updates, the newest AVG and ZoneAlarm, and AdAware, Spybot S&D, SpywareGuard and SpywareBlaster....all current and I feel like I'm as "internet-safe" as I can be. Besides, now I have some games back that wouldn't work on XP Thanks again for all the just wasn't meant to be..... BY THE WAY -- I also reinstalled Open Office, and it's working great....thanks again to all for suggesting it
  14. Uh, oh.....a case of "beer goggles?".....