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  1. I was just wondering if someone would help me setup an ftp?
  2. I was wondering if there's away to export you message archives from one pc to another?. I have an old pc(that I am going to have to junk). However, some of the yahoo messages in my archive I would like to keep, and I am looking for an option instead of printing them out or having to burn them
  3. What was want to do is add messages to pic's. I was just wondering if any of you guess could recommend some stegos software?.
  4. I downloaded stegos, the problem is windows doesn't recognize the file format. It's "gz" and windows can't open it. I was wondering if any of you guy's had any idea's. Or maybe you could recommend a different program,
  5. I was just wondering which options I select after I get into safe-mode?
  6. I can't delete the program in windows for some reason.It occured to me to reboot an attempt to do safe-mode.
  7. I can't find the "serach feature" in safe-mode. I have a program I would like to delete
  8. It's hard to find an icon on a Desktop that's cluttered with dozens of them. Here's a quick way to locate the one you're looking for-all you need to know is the name under the icon. Click anywhere on the Windows desktop and press the first letter of the icon's label. Windows will highlight the first icon it comes to beginning with the letter-if that's not the one you're looking for, keep pressing the letter and watch the highlight as it cycles through the matching icons.
  9. Hi, Actually, I found out by accident, that if you type in your username an hit the tab-key, it will fill in the your username, andthen you can go to the login into your email account..