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  1. Hey friend What are you doing playing around with these flaky browser's.Think about it.
  2. Hi I say PC Tools "Spyware Doctor is the best anti-spyware program. My friend says Webroots "SpySweeper" is best. Who is right ? If you have used one or the other. Please tell us what you like and don't like about either one. Thankyou Regards shsh21
  3. Hi If you want to get infected.I'd heard everything at least I thought I had. Google "Porno Pirate" that will do it! Regards
  4. Hi I just got a new computer and can't make-up my mind about which are the best antispyware programs. I like CounterSpy,AVG Anti-spyware and either PC Tools Spyware Doctor or Webroot's SpySweeper. Please tell me what programs you like and dislike. I use Bit Defender 10 as a anti-virus. I use Firefox as my browser.For a firewall I use Sunbelt's Kerio. Regards shsh21