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  1. Has anyone tried vaping to give up smoking cigarettes? Is it a legit way to give up?
  2. All these funding sources are really obvious and everybody knows about them but what I should do if I have some debts and Private Debt Collection Agency calls me quite often. I try my best to get rid of the debts but I can't see the solution or a way out at this point. Have you guys ever been in such a situation? When I was getting in debt I was pretty sure that it will be easy to pay the debt off because I've been working on a promising project but I was completely wrong...
  3. Wow! Aren't you afraid that someone's gonna steal all these riches? If I were you, I would hire armed security San Francisco because it will be cheaper to pay them than to lose such great plants. I know that many people who grow hemp usually pay the guardians and then feel safe.
  4. These games must be really attractive but my favourite one is Baccarat, but not Baccarat itself. I especially love this popular version of the game. I mean this version has some peculiarities which make the game more interesting and exciting. Have you ever tried it?
  5. I don't think that it is 100% possible but my friend is playing ITV Pick 7 and he always has money. It means that is able to earn there enough for living. So, if there is no another way, you can try to earn only with sports betting. Personally, I have several sources of income and feel secure.
  6. Hello! We heard about technologies development all the time but it doesn’t suit me. You know, I need something new. I have heard about app that give me a chance to read someone’s Facebook messages and I need it urgently.
  7. Another one to try out. Already have some experience with a ton of apps made for people who want to find friends but no positive experience so far, sadly.
  8. Content quality is the key I think. Without a good camera and a mic it's just impossible to become popular on youtube now. Video editing is also quite important. So youtube blogging became a whole profession and you need to be skilled enough to handle it.
  9. Definitely a thing for those people who care about their looks.
  10. Now I use PPC a lot, started to invest in SEO not so long ago, E-mail marketing turned out to be rather useless in my case and I am just getting familiar with SMM which turned out to be a much more complicated way of getting traffic than I thought it would be.