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  1. I would advise you to switch to NetShop web hosting, an excellent modern hosting with good support and quality service.
  2. There are different situations, my startup required the development of a mobile application. And I think that we made the right decision when we outsourced it. We chose MWDN, after we discussed all the conditions, they started developing a mobile application, and we went about our work. We did not bother with finding people, they took it upon ourselves and we saved our time. I advise everyone to outsource to Ukraine, it is better than India and cheaper than other countries.
  3. Best NAS for image backup?I'm a bit of a hobbyist photographer and have mountains of images piling up on various hard drives. I think it's time to consolidate them into a single NAS. I shoot with a Canon 80D, which is a great intermediate camera (according to these guys, anyway and it creates RAW files of more than 22MB each. I want a NAS that's easy to use, reliable, durable, etc., but also has fast read/write speeds because I have little patience, unfortunately. I'd love some feedback on the best options if anyone has particular likes. Much obliged for the help.
  4. Trends, this is good, but first you need to figure out, what is mobile application development? Mobile applications are the type of software created specifically for a set of hardware you’ll find in smartphones. mobile apps are often limited in terms of graphics, animation capabilities, and CPU. Therefore, it’s critical to use mobile app development technologies that allow for optimized performance on the given type of device!
  5. Hello everyone, my job is to make presentations. There are different tasks, and you need to have a fairly extensive base of developments. I want to share what I use and it would be cool if you share yours too. I am using free templates of powerpoint.
  6. Hey. I need Dell parts , it seems to me that this company is good, it seems that they are professional suppliers of spare parts and service providers, mainly in computer parts, server components and workstations. Did you hear something about them?
  7. plus plus, its is true