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  1. If you are based in Dubai and looking to start a business here, you are welcome. But remember that you are among thousands of those who are looking to make it big in the marketplace and hundreds of thousands more will come to this city in the next few years. There are many things that you need to know here for making a solid start and an online presence certainly tops the list. In the marketing and sales aspects too, you need to look for innovative strategies to make your product a best-seller. But the foundation of a solid online portal is not design or the offers you are making. It is how smartly it is developed as the backend programming, database, etc. are like the pillars for an ecommerce venture. Any discrepancy here and you can wave your prospective business goodbye as a slight error or delay can be disastrous for the reputation of a business selling ant type of product online. There are several factors that are related to the well-being of a website, as you try to engage with your customers through various means. While social media is a vital factor as most of us use at lest 1-2 social media platforms daily, a solid website is what businesses really need. A quality website is the need of the hour to put your business in the league of industry leaders. The website has to be designed and developed keeping in mind the changing tastes and preferences of users in the modern age. Following are 3 top factors that businesses surely need to make an online portal worthy of another visit by prospective buyers. And these factors are not limited to new ones as established businesses also need to have a close eye on this. Go through these points at least twice as they offer exactly why it is vital to know about web development. 1. Apt Web Development is a Critical Aspect Through a website, your business plans have to be made for users with an unforgettable experience. You will certainly need to find an experienced and skilled developer/company in this concern. Don’t try to save some money in this concern by going for the services of an amateur or freelancer. Your business is much more precious than the few bucks you will save through this practice. That’s why you need to go for the best Dubai web design company with a proven track record to get a quality service. A bargain in this concern can severely make your website look really out of sorts. It can also compromise on some aspects like back end programming and database which is like the backbone for the smooth running of a portal. So, don’t be shy and look for a company having the required experience or one which can showcase their past work to you. 2. User-Friendly Nature of the Website There is no rocket science involved here. If you think that the user-friendly nature of a website is a secondary aspect, you need to buckle up. The user-friendliness and search engine-friendly nature of a website is all about giving access to users for getting any type of information easily. Simple navigation options and buttons are required to let visitors reach from one point to another in a hassle-free manner. I admit that making a website that is technically top-notch is essential but not at the cost of creating confusion for visitors. 3. Quality of the Development Top business websites are known to convey information and ideas easy enough, so as a business owner it is your duty to comply by this. Hence, websites have to be designed as per SEO standards so that superior visibility remains a matter of fact. If you shy away from this, then you will severe difficulties in marketing your website to the target audiences as keywords make them SEO friendly for organic traffic without shedding amount on paid methods like PPC. Final Word I am sure most of my readers would want some clarification or more information about one or two aspects mentioned in this blog. And I’ll be happy to answer your questions or explain my point of view mentioned in this blog. Furthermore, please get in touch with all the readers of this blog and participate in an active discussion by providing your feedback in the comments section below.
  2. Do you know the minor details you ignore while designing your website counts a lot to boost the ranking on search engines? Since SEO has become the major part of the website so without it, you cannot be found online no matter how excellent your services are. And you don’t need to start SEO when you are done with the development of the site but it should come in handy with it. Here are small SEO tips that are a must to follow while creating your website design. 1. Search Engine Friendly Content Content is the key to make your website search engine friendly. It enhances the credibility, looks and feels of the website by making it readable and bringing it under search engine bots attention. It’s a must that the content on your website includes headings, sub-headings, paragraphs and external links. A better way to remain in the news is to start blogging on your website. Blogging is the best medium to gain followers on your site and increase traffic. When you educate readers, interact with them and give them news about the latest happenings then you become a source of information for them. They start relying on your website and thus boosts your ranking on the search engines platform. 2. Create a Website without Complex Animations If you’re not taking any professional help to design your website then don’t add Flash to your site. An animated website takes a longer loading time and makes it tough for search engine crawlers to crawl your website. It affects ranking. Remember, if the fanciness of your website is distracting the visitors to achieve their goals on your site, then customers might leave it immediately. So always make sure the animations aren’t sacrificing your search engine ranking by any means. 3. Place Scripts Outside HTML When writing the code for your website, exclude the CSS and Javascript because search engines see websites through HTML documents. If you don’t remove it, the HTML will get multiple lines of code and crawlers will face difficulty in crawling your website. 4. Optimize Images Heavy images and moving objects on the site increase the loading time which causes search engines to rank it lower. Like any professional web designers, use image compressing tools that reduce your image size and optimize it for your website. Also, when you add images to your site, you miss the alt text attribute that asks you to write the name of the image. It’s important that you give the relevant name to your image, it will help search engines to recognize the image as that of your website and will also help it to rank. You also need to make sure that you aren’t copying the image from any other site because Google penalizes the duplicate content - be it images, write-ups or ad copy. 4. Choose the Pages that Need to be Indexed There’s no need to index every page on your site because some pages add no value to your content like Privacy Policy, Terms, and Conditions, Contact Us or sometimes About Us. When you expose these pages to the crawlers, you dilute the density of the content and yourself become responsible for decreasing the value of your website. To resist search engine bots from crawling specific pages on your website, create a robots.txt file to let the engine ignore specific directories. 5. Simplify URLs The URL is the address of your website and your address should be simple enough so that visitors can reach easily to your site. If the URL is easy and includes the keyword, people are more likely to visit it. On the contrary, if your website URL is complex, crawlers may ignore it or get confused. That’s why URL structuring is considered an important factor in SEO web design. The simple URL is not recommended for the site only but also applies to the subpages. While creating the URL for your web page, make sure you use hyphens to separate the words. It makes the URL more legible. These are some of the essential technique to boost your website design by following the small SEO tips. Every creative web design company in Riyadh follow these practices to maximize the traffic on their website and foster their search engine growth. Is your website perfectly optimized to the search engine crawlers or you need to work on creating the strategy? Let’s Talk!