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  1. OK. I live way out on the edge of the bush. I am not connected to the power grid and I never will be. I am not going to run the generator all the time when I want to run a computer. (arg! 18 hours a day) I have cigarette lighters mounted in my house and a good enough supply of solar power to do the things I want. I've currently got a laptop, but I tend to be (err) a little hard on things and I'm afraid that I'm going to have to get another new computer and desktops are a lot cheaper for comparable products. So, I've this idea that since: 1. plug computer into wall 2. power supply converts AC to DC 3. computer runs on DC you must be able to make something to just run the whole darn thing on DC from the start. Does anyone have any ideas?
  2. Although this problem has been solved, I am posting this in the hopes that it might save someone the many hours of grief I went through today. Well, I was down to my last 400M and decided to get rid of some stuff by making a DVD. I tried several times, but Nero just hung and I had to close it down with the Task Manager. After looking around here and elsewhere and finding nothing that "felt" right, I turned off the computer for a couple of hours. (OK, it really was only 15 minutes, but it felt like a couple of hours. ) First, I went and upgraded Nero and then I did some experimenting. I created a multi-session disk by copying: a) one at a time, several small directories with a few hundred files in each one at a time, a few large zip files, 2 of which were more space than I had on the HD Then, I switched the cache file to my usb hd that has lots of free space. c) copy the big directory Size: 1.55 G Size on disk: 10.8 G (now that was a surprise in itself) Contains: 328,488 Files. 52,198 Folders (In case you're wondering, it's a game I was modding.) I finally got an error message - something about "not enough quota for operation". And then it displayed garble and crashed by itself. I didn't keep track of exact numbers after that, but I tried again with about half that number of files (approx 150,000) and it worked!! So, if anyone has any weird problems creating DVDs with (way too) many files, try a multi-session with not so many files in each batch. Note that each multi-session takes longer to "refresh" as it has to read all the filenames on the DVD.
  3. oh ya, about 400 times OMG I am toooooo impatient for my own good. Sitting here, I re-read your post and noticed of course, I had 5 or 6 open IE windows. So, I closed them all and then enlarged and maximized the problem one, and closed it. rebooted just to be sure AND thank you - i was blind and now i see Thanks terrorist, I should have known this, but, well ...
  4. My firewall "did" something to my registry and now whenever I'm in IE 6 and try to Open a link in a New Window, I get the smallest imaginable title bar and nothing else. I'm running Win98SE. I've been prowling around the registry and think the fix should be in: HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Microsoft/Internet Explorer/Document Windows where I found the following values that I changed name - old data - changed to width - 00 00 00 80 - 00 00 04 00 height - 00 00 00 00 - 00 00 04 00 Maximized - "yes" - not changed x - 00 00 00 80 - 00 00 04 00 y - 00 00 00 00 - 00 00 04 00 This had no effect. And yes, I did reboot. Any Ideas??? Please Help This is driving me crazy Thanks t'ni