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  1. Hello everyone! I manage a Windows XP SP3 network of 10 computers that share one large DSL connection. I have the need to monitor bandwidth speed (not used amount of traffic) usage by other computers on network. I have to mention that there is no way for me to install some client type application on other computers, all i have is regular LAN access to them. Is there a way to accomplish that? Any genius soft ideas or advices? Cause I've been looking around for some time, and did not see it possible. Thanks a lot in advance.
  2. Hello, Today i have spent half day trying to remove the Trojan.Pandex virus, and yet no luck. First i have followed Symantec's direction on removing it. I have version Corporate 10. Scan results have shown Trojans removed, after restart though its back and trying to send e-mail addresses spyed from my computer to various ip addresses. My firewall has proven me this. Right now i am scanning my machine using the best antispyware tool available out there which is CounterSpy from Sunbelt. Hopefully it will save me for this time as well. Still i have doubts i will be able to fix the issue, because i came to conclusion the bad thing has hided well somewhere. Please, please help me to clean computer. Could you please also take a look at the log and help me remove bad startup entries: Desperately waiting for an working solution. I am on win xp pro sp2 Thank you very much.
  3. Here is my situation, For some reasons i am on an old AMD Athlon 600 MHz CPU with 512 RAM junk machine (Windows XP SP2 Pro), and will have to stay on it for a while. After the last virus attack I hardly recovered from, I feel I can’t rely anymore on Windows Firewall, it just doesn’t do anything to protect me. I would really appreciate an advice for an alternative Firewall that would be protecting better than Windows Firewall, but would take just as many resources as Windows Firewall does. Please consider seriously that I am on an old machine and working with monsters like Photoshop, every bit of RAM and CPU power matters to me, and i would kindly ask you to advice me only software you are sure about (not just for advertising purposes), and have tested it and know what you are talking about. p.s. by the way I am really want to know: 1. How many resources take Windows Firewall and where can I check such data? 2. How exactly can I check if my Windows Firewall is really running (and doesn’t just appear as ON in control panel, or Security Center) because after the last attack I am not sure anymore if my firewall is running at all…
  4. Hello everyone! I am on WinXP Pro SP2 Until now I have always used Spam Bully as antispam protector for Outlook Express. Recently it continuously crashes my OE even after a full reinstall, so, forgive me for expression but I piss on it… I would really appreciate some serious suggestion on a good antispam protector for OE. Thanks a lot in advance everyone! Regards.