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  1. On 7/11/2019 at 11:36 AM, Fretevang said:

    What do you think about dating apps like tinder or about dating sites? Is it scum or I really can find someone for long term relationships or just for sex. To be honest I never use dating apps but now I think that I should try it. Just for fun and for new experience maybe. What do you think about it? Maybe someone shares his exp. ? I think it will be interesting

    It's lottery. After having sex with a girl I met on a Dating site, she told me she would accuse me of harassing her. I had to go to lawyers for advice because it's serious. Here are the data of lawyers that helped me - . Well, what further threats business is not has gone. I don't know why she did it in the first place. Maybe because I stopped answering her. Anyway, be careful when you meet on the Internet.

  2. This is my dream - turn my passions into a career! Or it's better to say - my passion (1). The best thing I have in my life is music and I want it beside me, always! But I am not musician and don't know what can I be. I was told to write resume and try my hand in management. For bands for example. And I asked these guys to help me with it because I want really good and attractive resume! Wish me good luck, mates! My dream will come true I believe!