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  1. I like watch youtube More recently, I often visit Dating sites. I like to meet new people, it's interesting.
  2. Thanks for the good article! For example, I used to delegate and trust professionals. In such matters, I think it is much more effective than doing it yourself. Not so long ago I decided to change jobs, so I decided to write a good resume. To do this, I found a service that deals with writing a resume -, here is their website. The resume they sent me turned out great. I would never have written it myself. I'm sure it will speed up the job search process.
  3. It's lottery. After having sex with a girl I met on a Dating site, she told me she would accuse me of harassing her. I had to go to lawyers for advice because it's serious. Here are the data of lawyers that helped me - . Well, what further threats business is not has gone. I don't know why she did it in the first place. Maybe because I stopped answering her. Anyway, be careful when you meet on the Internet.
  4. I use almost half of this list. Really helpful tools! currently reading: How VAR Technology Has Affected Football Betting
  5. I don't believe it
  6. Not bad! Btw your profile pic is awesome XD
  7. Hey hou! How is it going guys? What are you doing right now?
  8. Love his music very much. He was one of my favourite singers when I was 17 ^^
  9. This is my dream - turn my passions into a career! Or it's better to say - my passion (1). The best thing I have in my life is music and I want it beside me, always! But I am not musician and don't know what can I be. I was told to write resume and try my hand in management. For bands for example. And I asked these guys to help me with it because I want really good and attractive resume! Wish me good luck, mates! My dream will come true I believe!
  10. I want akita-inu!! They are cutie pies!
  11. Not so long time ago my phone was stolen in metro. It was mi a2 with pure android birthday gift and very good phone. Better than everything I had before