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    Best spy gadgets around us

    Tiny cameras that record on the sly can be hidden in all sorts of objects. With so many secret agents--both real and fictional--these days, we thought it might be helpful to examine a short list of modern-day high-tech spy gear. After all, who knows when you'll need invisible ink, or a code to pass messages in, or just the right bag to swap in a stairwell? But before we get started on our surveillance, we must offer a big disclaimer about this collection of sneaky hardware (and software): Using any of this spy gear may be illegal or unethical, depending on how and where you use it. If you're unsure, check the laws in your state and consult your conscience. By linking to the Websites hosting additional information about the products mentioned in this article, we do not mean to endorse them. There are many types or spy camera available in the market now you can use them easily without anyone noticing you just need to put that camera in a good place where you can get good video result. Tiny cameras that record on the sly can be hidden in all sorts of objects. When you think CIA, one of last words likely to come to mind is "open." And yet the U.S. spy organization has begun to lift the lid - albeit ever so slightly - in a bid to cultivate public opinion. In fact, the agency recently launched a retooled website, complete with YouTube and Flickr channels. The following slides include some of the mementos that the agency is now sharing with the public for the first time. If you thought James Bond had cool tech toys, get a load of some of this stuff. You can also check spy gadgets complete reviews.
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    6 great gadgets to help aging parents stay independent

    these 6 gadgets after that??????? how can we stay independent ????