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  1. ah ohkay I'll take it up with my dad. I dunno shit about she sekurity system he uses. thnx neiway
  2. I'm having a problem with webcams connecting to my computer. like my friend has one and he can't connect to my computer for it it just says reading.... then times out. can anyone help out? I use a proxy server and my dad has a kinda tight security thing (even though I'm over 18) it's just a precaution for his own computer. so if it's that the just let me know ( I know the rules I'm not asking how to bypass it or anything) thnx
  3. IFO file is a DVD information file that stores information about Chapters, Subtitles and Audio Tracks. Other DVD files include VOB and BUP files.
  4. dunno it's like a format dvd's use.
  5. I was just wondering if there r any good free dvd players I tried avs dvd player but it didn't support some stuff I want to be able to open IFO files
  6. ah thank you I didn't know turning ssl security off would affect that
  7. uh yeah so I get a 80072f7d error message when I try to sign in on msn messenger. was working okay in the morning and suddely started this error message thing. other people I emailed said theirs is working fine. help please?
  8. mostly myspace. but I get it on almost any site especially when I'm searching with google
  9. sorry I posted before cause of some trouble with messenger and disableing the proxy server worked good but I still have some trouble can anyone help out? every once and awhile I can't log in some times during a chat session it suddenly can't send messages (keeps saying something like message could not be sent to all subjects or sumthing) and that usually stays like that for a long time and I thought maybe it was something on the other side so I would ask my friend if the same thing happened when it happened to me and they all said no. does it have anything to do with using a Japanese version and chatting to someone with a english one? Thnx in advance for any help
  10. I posted earlier with browser problems I dunno if this is related but I often get a error message that says somthing like error in '/' application I thought it might be inproper coding on the site but it works fine on other computers so.... any help?? thnx
  11. kay I'll get AVG and see how it works. thanks
  12. I do that often not much help I've had this problem since I first started using this computer at the moment I connect throught my dads computer which has a mega firewall and security thing but I don't actuall use on on my computer right now. it might be because of his security but if I tried it on his comp it would work fine. I'm sure it's not cause of the server problems cause it's been since like winter this year when I started using this comp. thnx anyway I'm just wondering cause it doesn't seem like it has anything to do with my dads security cause I borrowed his computer and checked and it's fine.
  13. my virus buster trial just ran out and I was wondering if there are any good free viris protection progams? any help would be appreciated.
  14. I keep having problems when I use internet and I don't know what to do. like when I go to a webpage it sometimes cuts off and trails away into what looks like HTML code. like I'm at myspace at theres picture there and from the picture down isn't and the page says it's done loading and from where the image is supposed to be theres something like http.img/myspace<b.e and it just stops. I use Internet explorer primarily but I tried firefox and Opera and they have the same problem. any help would be appreciated thanks. I use internet explorer 6.0 and proxy server. thnx again in advance
  15. I need help with a server filter thing. I have my own filter and firewall on my computer but my computer has to connect through my dads server which has some kind of filter thing (for my younger brother) it like filters out sites with the words like sex gun drug nude porn etc. and I don't know why but I can't access sites like myspace of blogs and forums cause somewhere in the site must contain some of those kind of words so I keep asking my dad to leave my computer out but he says he can't so I was wondering if there is anyway to bypass it from my own computer. it might be a really stupid and impossible question but I was only asking for help so don't get on my case and call names and stuff. thnx in advance any help is appreciated