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  1. Chuck, thanks for the reply. My version did not have the setting so I called Norton. They told me that the new version that I have on my computer, removes they during the scan or as routine checks made by the program. I wonder how may other people had the problem. Been nice if they sent out a notice about the change.
  2. I've had Norton for over two years and any time that I ran a scan, it always found 20 or more tracking cookies. now, it finds none. I called Norton to ask why, and the rep from India said he had to take over my computer to check Norton program. I allowed him to do that and he stated he did not find any problems with the program but could not give me a reason why on tracking cookies don't show up. Then he told me that Norton specialist will clean my computer, give me three years of Malware and a few other items. . It took him over 10 minutes to get all of what they will do for me out. Then, at the end, he drops the bomb, the cost will be $299. Dose any body use Norton, if so , does it show the cookies at the end of the scan ?
  3. Rootkits

    One thing about getting old, it sucks
  4. Internet IE Ver 11

    Chuck, thanks again. I'm going to stick with Foxfire , the problem with IE locking up and slow is long gone. I can't believe how fast it is.
  5. Internet IE Ver 11

    chuck, thanks for the help. My IE using MSN as a home page, has theCPU task manager bouncing up to 100 and down to 50 this usually locks u[p the page. I downloaded Firefox and it works perfectly and the CPU usage is very low. WOW , what a difference.
  6. Internet IE Ver 11

    Is Quantum just for Windows 10. I'm going to stich with Windows 7
  7. I have a Dell PC, running windows home 7 and the Verizon high speed internet. My internet , MSN is so slow and locks up at times. I ran a full scan with Norton, Malware, and even Windows Defender and nothing shows. I was thinking to switch to Fire Fox or Mozilla, which would you recommend ?
  8. Rootkits

    Brian, thank you again for the help. if I do use Google, I just run a scan when I'm finished. Thanks for the tip on custom installations. I'm 75 and most of this is a challenge.
  9. Rootkits

    Brian, thank you for the answer. I do have another question regarding PUP files. I tried Google Chrome as a home page and not my usual MSN. I ran a scan with Malware, free edition , before opening Google and nothing shows up. I ran it again after spending a few minutes with Google Chrome and ran the scan again. This time, I had 89 PUP files. I had this happen every time I use Google Chrome. I guess I should give up on Google.
  10. running Windows 7 on Dell PC. I have the free version of Malware and one setting to scan is Rootkits and it is not checked. what is a Rootkits ? should I put a check in it when I run the scan ?
  11. Windows Defender

    thank you all for the help
  12. Windows Defender

    Since I have Norton and the free version of Malware , will they effect each other ? Chuck, that link was great, I put it in my favorites list so I can always get help.
  13. Windows Defender

    I thank both of you, very much for the help.
  14. How do I turn off Windows Defender ? Windows 7 Home
  15. email start up

    Thanks Chuck. but I found if I clicked on tools, under the drop down, it said add to start menu. Id did and it worked