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  1. email start up

    OK thanks Chuck it just won't work so i'll just sign in each day.
  2. email start up

    will this work if I am using gmail which requires a password. I'm using a PC with Windows 7 home
  3. I just changed my email service to Gmail. how can I get it to start on boot up ??
  4. Moving Files

    Brian, thanks that worked
  5. Moving Files

    Actually, I just want to move them to another folder. they are a string of DAT files. I should just leave them alone but there are probably 30 or more. thanks again
  6. Moving Files

    OK, thanks Chuck. I seem to remember in Windows, you hold a key or two, like the crtl and alt to move a file. but that did not work
  7. Moving Files

    Sorry, Dell Inspiration desktop running windows 7 home
  8. I know how to drag and drop a file to an SD card, but that keeps the original file in place. How do I move a file to a SD card and not keep the original ?
  9. DAT Files

    Chuck, thanks. they don't take much space so to be safe, I'll just ignore them.
  10. I have a long string of these files when I open Windows 7 under documents. What are they and can I delete them ??? Here is one of them 2017-06-22-18-06-00.dat Nothing shows in from of the file as Excel and Word have. it's just a blank box
  11. would my old Microsoft word files work on this file ?
  12. I will soon replace my old PC and I have heard that the free program from Microsoft, Excel and Word is no longer available. I have files for both and I was told of another program that is free and available that would run all of my old Excel and Word files. an someone tell me or give me the link. thanks for any help
  13. CPU Running slow

    Chuck, I've been working on something for my wife for a couple of hours. I've had several things open and the usage on the CPU has stayed down in the low numbers. right now, it's at 8%, WOW' I hope it stays that way. I read the article and for me, it's like the directions for a Chinese cross work puzzle. Again, thank you so much for the help.
  14. CPU Running slow

    Chuck, there are 27 things listed under processes, only two have a number in the CPU column, all the rest are at zero. System Idle process CPU 49 24K this one won't close SVChost.exe CPU 50 125K Host process for windows. this one closed. the CPU dropped to almost zero then bounces up in the 20 to 30 range.added text Both CPU numbers keep changing to lower numbers and then back to the original number. what is the SVC host.exe I just ran an update wor Windows. now, there is another line in the processes trustedinstaller.exe 175k 50% in CPU and goes up and down.