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  1. would my old Microsoft word files work on this file ?
  2. I will soon replace my old PC and I have heard that the free program from Microsoft, Excel and Word is no longer available. I have files for both and I was told of another program that is free and available that would run all of my old Excel and Word files. an someone tell me or give me the link. thanks for any help
  3. Chuck, I've been working on something for my wife for a couple of hours. I've had several things open and the usage on the CPU has stayed down in the low numbers. right now, it's at 8%, WOW' I hope it stays that way. I read the article and for me, it's like the directions for a Chinese cross work puzzle. Again, thank you so much for the help.
  4. Chuck, there are 27 things listed under processes, only two have a number in the CPU column, all the rest are at zero. System Idle process CPU 49 24K this one won't close SVChost.exe CPU 50 125K Host process for windows. this one closed. the CPU dropped to almost zero then bounces up in the 20 to 30 range.added text Both CPU numbers keep changing to lower numbers and then back to the original number. what is the SVC host.exe I just ran an update wor Windows. now, there is another line in the processes trustedinstaller.exe 175k 50% in CPU and goes up and down.
  5. Chuck, I'm not sure what you are talking about. It sounds like you mean the temperature of the CPU, I was talking about the use of the CPU with nothing running.
  6. Change in plans. granddaughter is sick. Can't take any chances, I have some knee surgery next week. so, I'll be here for a while.
  7. Chuck, I'll check back tomorrow, need to take wife out to visit our son.
  8. All of the items you suggested in the options tab were already marked that way. I do have an updated Norton anti virus. I did download the armor free firewall. My Windows OS is up to date, I don't surf the web, I use MSN as my homepage and do read dome of the articles on that page. in my email, if it looks suspicious, I delete it.
  9. Chuck, the computer seems to be a bit faster, however, the CPU usage with nothing running is still bouncing from 50% to 100%. I just copied you recommendations and will try to change the settings.
  10. thanks you so much for sticking with me this long
  11. Several
  12. none of the things you said check came up
  13. Chuck, it ran and changed my home page, but nothing else no notepad
  14. Is that OK or do you want me to send it in several parts at a time